Doering Prepares to Visit Iowa

Talented offensive lineman Dan Doering will be visiting Iowa City this weekend...again. The Hawkeyes host Ohio State, and Doering has some thoughts on what he is looking for out of his visit, plus he talks about how in season performance might affect his decision with some of the schools he is going to choose from...

Dan Doering is well known to Iowa Hawkeye fans, perhaps as well known as any out of state recruit in recent history. He has made at least seven unofficial visits to Iowa City since last February, perhaps more than that. That is far more visits than any other prospect currently considering the Hawkeyes. Doering is also high on the wish list of Nebraska, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Ohio State and other schools; so more information has been reported on him than any other prospect in the nation.

The point being, that it can be difficult to pry things out of Dan Doering that you have not already read before. However, Doering is planning on making his way to Iowa City this Saturday for the Ohio State-Iowa game, so we felt it would be a good time to touch base with one of the most talented seniors in the nation.

Dan Doering was easily one of the top choice for the upcoming US Army All-American game that will be played on January 15th in San Antonio, Texas. Doering has compiled more than 30 scholarship offers since receiving his first offer in the summer of 2003 from Northwestern. During that time, he has traveled as far and wide as any prospect in the country, including a recent trip to Columbus.

"I went to the Ohio State/Wisconsin game last weekend," said Doering. "It was very impressive, and they have a good fan base. I really enjoyed the atmosphere with the student body, the band, and all other things that took place. They are a school I'm considering for one of my final two official visits, and certainly they didn't hurt their cause."

Doering has set official visits to Notre Dame (12/3), Iowa (12/10), and Nebraska (12/17).

Having visited the campus of the University of Iowa on multiple occasions, having visited with coaches, academic advisors, etc, I had to ask Doering if there was really anything else he could learn.

"Well, I'd like to see how they deal with any adversity as I'll be watching that with every team. Different types of adversity occur all the time in different years, but certainly I have become very comfortable with Iowa. They were the third or fourth school to offer me, and I have learned quite a bit about them. I guess with my sister attending school there that she continues to feed me some new information once in a while."

Iowa has had its share of adversity so far during the 2004 season having three running backs go down to ACL injuries, as well as already having experienced two losses early in the season. Will their performance the rest of the way affect Doering's decision at all?

"With some programs, their success this season will impact my thoughts on them. With Iowa, though, it will not matter at all. I have become so comfortable with them, and Coach (Kirk) Ferentz is a great coach. He will always take control and gets his guys motivated to doing the right things. Iowa has all kinds of good people associated with their program that want to get the job done."

As mentioned above, Doering will be in attendance this weekend in a crucial match up for the Hawkeyes as they host the Ohio State Buckeyes, who have yet to win a conference game. Doering's only other experience at Kinnick Stadium took place last year when the Hawkeyes defeated Arizona State. I asked him to reflect back on that experience, and what he is expecting this weekend.

"I remember thinking about Iowa before I went to the game, and thinking that it was in the middle of nowhere. Iowa City is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but it is a wonderful town. It was amazing to see how everyone from across the state travels to the game, and the type of support they receive. It was just a great Midwest football game. I'm expecting the atmosphere to be even better this weekend as it should be crazy."

Lastly, as I was not quite satisfied with my attempt to get something out of Dan that no one else had, I asked him what specifically he will be looking for or asking about during his official visit to Iowa.

"I'm mainly just going to want to gain some insight on how things work. I want to see the player's attitudes towards each other and the program, and how the team does all of their pre-game activities. It will be a chance for me to really be able to visualize myself there, and then I'll have to decide out of my official visits where I feel the most comfortable. I guess it's just the type of stuff a football player needs to know, but mainly I'll be looking forward to spending time with the players."

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