Godfrey Chipping In

Charles Godfrey could have played hard to get and balked at getting into the action as a true freshman this fall. But the Texas native jumped at the opportunity to contribute to the Black and Gold in any way that he could: "It doesn't matter. I came in open. If I could help in any way, I told Coach (Kirk) Ferentz that I was willing to help." Read more in the HN.com premium Q&A.

How has it been playing as a true freshman?

It's great. It's everything that I expected and more. It's nice having a chance to learn the (college) game on special teams. I take special teams really serious. Getting on special teams is a way to get your feet wet before starting on defense.

Coach Ferentz was a little critical of some special teams' problems earlier this year. How did you take that?

I took it as a criticism. I had to come in and step up and makes plays. He needed young kids to come up and make plays. I just stepped in and made some plays and hope to keep on making plays.

What are the keys to being successful on special teams?

Hustling. Going 100 miles an hour every time to you step onto the field. Just knowing that ou can't be blocked and going out there and trying get whoever has the ball.

You haven't spent much time on defense. Are you OK using your true freshman year for special teams duty?

It doesn't matter. I came in open. If I could help in any way, I told Coach Ferentz that I was willing to help. Me, I'm a very patient person. I'll just wait my turn. When it's time for me to get on the field on defense, I'll get on the field. Other than that, special teams is just as important as defense.

What secondary positions have you played?

Safety. They have me at free safety.

Have the coaches tried you at other spots?


Is there a spot you feel most comfortable?

No. Not really. Just getting on the field is basically what I want to do.

Where do you see your futuring being on defense?

I see it more at safety. I came in as a cornerback, but they needed help at the safety spot. That's where I played in high school.

You played receiver in high school. Did you ever think about giving that a shot in college?

Oh no. I never thought about that. Defense was the thing. Once I moved to defense, I had to build up the defensive mentality. I don't think I'll be going back to offense any time soon.

Do you feel like you've gotten bigger and stronger since you've been here?

I feel like I'm getting bigger working with Coach Doyle. He's a great strength coach.

How big are you?

I'm 200 right now about 6-1. I've definitely gotten more solid than I was when I first came here.

What would be the ideal weight for you?

About 210.

What is your speed like?

I'm probably about a 4.45 (40).

What are you learning about playing the free safety position at Iowa?

Sean Considine has been working with me a lot. He's teaching me a lot. In practice, he's standing with me telling me this, telling me that, how to read my keys and stuff like that. I'm learning a whole lot from him and I still can learn a whole lot more from him. That's one thing with me. I'll sit back and I'll watch and listen to people. I know in the long run that I'll be a better player.

How much film are you watching?

My schedule is pretty busy. I have learning center and a whole bunch of other things that I have to do. But I'm watching a couple of hours of film. I really don't know how to watch film, but I'm learning.

How to you view the FS position in this Iowa defense?

Quarterback of the secondary. When you're back there, you have know everything. You have to call the calls. You have to know what your cornerback is going to do. You have to know what your strong safety is going to do so that you can be in the right spot at the right time. It was a big step for me.

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