Tom Busch Puts the Full in Fullback

A former all-state linebacker as a Minnesota Prep, Busch enjoys bringing the heat to those folks playing his former position: "I like blocking for a guy that's scoring the ball more than myself actually scoring. I prefer that. Although scoring a few touchdowns isn't to bad either." Read more from Busch in this premium Q&A.

Has your role increased with the injuries at running back?

I'm not sure. You'd have to ask the coach about that.

Do you see yourself getting more involved in the offense? There just aren't as many running backs as there were at the beginning of the season.

We have had a few injuires. You'd have to ask the coach. We'll have to see. We haven't put in a game plan for this week. That's what we're doing today. We'll see.

Are you getting more reps in practice?

My reps have been pretty consistent throughout the whole year so far.

Do you feel comfortable in your role?

I feel comfortable with what I'm doing. It's just playing football. You just go out there and play.

Did you carry the ball in high school?

I probably had under 10 carries my whole career before here. So, it's been fun.

Did you score any touchdowns?

I scored two my senior year.

Could you talk about your touchdown against Michigan State?

I don't know. They just gave me the ball on the 31 Dive. I kept my feet moving. We blocked it up well. I got into the end zone. It was pretty exciting.

You hit a few road blocked and kept pushing through. Is that your style?

I guess so. That's just the attitude I take. As a little kid, that's the way that I was raised. I played defense since the third grade. I guess that I try to take that attitude out there.

Do you like your new role?

Oh yeah. Any time you get to play big time football, you can't be...I'm pretty happy.

What have been the biggest challenges to learning the fullback position?

On defense, you're trying to make guys not score. On offense, it's the exact opposite. You have to kind of change your mentality a little bit. Then again, it's the same game. That's the way that I look at it.

Were you brought in as a LB, and did the Iowa coaches tell you that there was a chance you could switch to FB?

As far as I remember, I don't think that they said that there would be a position change. I knew well enough that there would be a chance of it just because of my body type and the talent that we have at LB. I knew that I just wanted to play for the University of Iowa. It doesn't matter at what position or what role. I just wanted to play here.

What's better making a big hit at LB or scoring a TD?

Oh, scoring a touchdown. However, I like blocking for a guy that's scoring the ball more than myself actually scoring. I prefer that. Although scoring a few touchdowns isn't to bad either.

But I like blocking. I didn't know how I'd like it at first.

We've heard that you've impressed in the weight room. What do you bench and what do you squat?

I bench 390 or 400, I think. My squat went down a little bit from my surgeries. It's a little over 500, I think.

What surgeries did you have?

I had one this past winter. There was something wrong with my foot from high school. I had a fracured fibula in the spring.

Are you totally recovered?

I feel great actually. It's never felt better.

How did you break your fibula?

It was on seven-on sevens. I was running my route and I went for the ball. I got it, and I came back on my right ankle. I pretty much heard it pop. It was pretty painful. It was one of those things that happen in football.

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