Hawks Talk OSU: Tate, Hinkel

Iowa quarterback Drew Tate and his favorite receiver Ed Hinkel spoke with the media Tuesday about this weekend's showdown with the Buckeyes: "It's going to be pretty tough because they've got some good linebackers that cover pretty well," Tate Said. "And, they've got good defensive backs, too. They've got athletes on defense." Read more from Tate and Hinkel in this HN.com premium Q&A.


How do you build on the Michigan State game?

A lot of us came together that game. We got a little bit more in sync as a unit. Everybody was playing and having fun. That's just what we neeed to do again this week.

Do anticipate seeing a lot of blitzing this week?

I'm sure that we will. They're a pretty good defense. They got a lot of guys on defense that have played before. It's going to be tough again. I'm sure they're going to throw some stuff out there that we haven't seen. They're going to come and they're going to do things.

Have you guys put in new things during the bye week?

Nah. We've just been doing Iowa versus Iowa this past week and kind of going light and things like that. We haven't really been doing everything different. We're just going to stay within ourselves.

What kind of running back is Sims?

He's pretty quick. He's got good hands for him to check down and run some things like that. He probably brings a lot to the table. Getting him ready to do, that will help him out.

Are you pretty excited about the new passing attack from Iowa?

I don't know. It was fun last week, but that's just because we had to do it. This week might be a little different. We're going to do whatever we need to do to win.

Does Brian (Ferentz) bring intangibles to the offensive line?

He pretty much had those guys going, and I was basically with the running backs and receivers and tight ends. He's in the second line of the huddle. I'm in the first line. I thought that he brought a lot of enthusiasm and experience, too.

What are the pass plays that will be effective against Ohio State?

Probably underneath stuff. It's going to be pretty tough because they've got some good linebackers that cover pretty well. And, they've got good defensive backs, too. They've got athletes on defense. They make it tough.

Are you surprised they've lost two in a row?

Yeah, but this is the Big Ten. Teams aren't going to not play hard because it's Ohio State. They're going in there with a purpose.



If you watched Ohio State on Saturday, what did you think?

They played a pretty good game. They probably didn't play as well offensively as they would have liked to. They did some good things special teams wise. We're going to have a challenge this week.

How do you exploit their defense because they're not going to move the ball either? I mean, they're not going to move the ball. I didn't mean (say Iowa wasn't going to move the ball).

We're going to take what they give us. That's always been our thing.

Chad (Greenway) was mentioning that this is a team that you've never beaten. Does that sit with you at all?

A little bit. We want to beat every team in the Big Ten. Ohio State is a team that we haven't beat yet. We're going to go out and try to get it done.

What did the week off do for you guys?

It gives us a little more time in preparation. The main thing is that it probably gives us a little bit of rest. With all of our injuries right now, it was probably a good week off for us.

Are you guys as wide receivers playing more physical now?

That's something that we take a lot of pride in. We're going to block. If we're not blocking, coach is going to let us know it. We've got to keep doing that. It's going to be a plus for us down the road.

How does he let you know?

Oh, he'll tell you. If he thinks you could have got to a block and you didn't get there, he'll let you know it.

Can you talk about Damien Sims?

He's good. He kind of reminds me of Freddie last year with the things that he does. He's real quick. He's going to help us. He's really going to help us.

Last year, special teams played a big role in this game. Your back there returning kicks. Are you ready to take one all of the way?

Our return teams have been doing a great job all year. Obviously those guys (the Buckeyes) have been doing a great job. Hopefully we can get one this week.

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