Rowan Favors Two BigTen Schools

The Hawkeyes have yet to land a defensive back commitment in this recruiting class, but still remain on some very talented DB's lists. One of those happens to be Erie, PA product Levonne Rowan. Levonne currently favors two Big Ten schools, including Iowa. How close is Levonne to deciding? What could be the ultimate factor in his decision?

Levonne Rowan (6'1 190) is from Erie, PA, however, he does not attend Cathedral Prep. Instead, Levonne attends Mercyhurst Prep in Erie and that has not stopped him from gaining interest from some of the nation's elite.

Levonne has racked in offers from Iowa, Wisconsin, Maryland, Syracuse, Boston College, Pitt, Temple, Duke, and Bowling Green.

"Right now, I'm favoring Iowa and Wisconsin," Levonne stated. "Syracuse, Maryland, and Florida are the remaining schools I'm still considering. Florida calls every week, but has not offered. They have not seen tape of me, yet, so I'm sending that out this week."

"I cannot go wrong with either Iowa or Wisconsin, as they are both Big Ten schools. The only difference is that I could play earlier at Iowa and I have friends who play there."

Could Jawan Walker be one of those friends Levonne could end up playing with at Iowa?

"Jawan is pretty quiet and does not talk about it much. I was just with him two days ago. His mother sounded pretty favorable towards Iowa. I know that I cannot be emotional in the recruiting process as I have to be factual. Jawan and I have to do what is best for us. However, if Jawan chose Iowa it would help their chances. I will probably make my mind up in early January after I speak to the coaches more and sit down with my father."

Levonne is a big physical defensive back, much like childhood friend and current Hawk Bob Sanders. However, Levonne possesses more size than Bob.

"I played at safety for the majority of my life. I started playing some CB this year as I wanted to do more man-to-man. I still need better techinique at CB. At safety, I like that I have the ability to have more freedom and come up and crush people. At corner, I like that I can go man-to-man, but even if I make a mistake that I still have enough recovery speed to finish the play."

Levonne visited the first weekend in December. He was hosted by Bob Sanders, but was also around friend Jawan Walker and Ed Hinkel a lot on the visit.

"The visit was real nice. I got to have a good time and got to watch the basketball game. Bob showed me how it is to be a Hawkeye in Iowa City."

Levonne also got to meet Coach (Phil) Parker, and came away with the same impression as many previous recruits.

"He means business. He told me that he had to play walk-ons at one point this season so I would have every chance to come in and play next season."

Now Levonne will sit down with his father and choose what school fits him the best. However, there is still one more intangible that could make Levonne's decision.

"My brother, Dywon, is receiving interest from both of the schools still. He may actually take a visit to Iowa City. He is a 6'0 230 RB with 4.5 speed." will keep you informed on both Levonne and Dywon, who could end up being the big back we offer in this class. Iowa is in need of depth at both corner and safety in this recruiting class, and landing Levonne Rowan would go a big way in helping to solve that problem.

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