Ohio State Postgame: Roth, Paschal

DE Matt Roth and FS Marcus Paschal played key roles in Iowa's impressive 33-7 romp of the Buckeyes Saturday at Kinnick Stadium. Roth recored two sacks, and Paschal delivered a clutch interception. "I thought that Jovon (Johnson) was going to go get it," Paschal said. "So, I had to go get it at the highest point. I wasn't going to let him out jump me for the interception.(laughs)"


It looked a lot like the 2002 defense. You guys didn't do anything fancy. You just played your positions.

Yeah. It was fun. We came out and held them to a few points and didn't let them get anything really started.

How gratifying is it to look up at the scoreboard and it's 33-0 against Ohio State?

It's awesome when you can shut out any team. And a school like that beating us how many times in the last 10 years, it's awesome.

Was there a point in the game when you could tell they were broken and they were done?

Yeah. They didn't give up, but we just kept getting better and stronger and faster. We just fed off of the crowd and fed off of our performance. We knew we had them in the third quarter.

What was the difference in the pass rush today as opposed to maybe some weeks earlier in the year?

You know, sometimes you match up well and sometimes you don't. That stuff kind of comes in spurts. We executed today and we stuck to our technique. It worked.

What did the first team defense think of the touchdown (Ohio State scored)?

We're upset, but it's always good when you can get the younger guys in to get their reps. As a freshman, I wanted my reps when score was blown out of proportion. So, I don't care.

What was your plan going in against their offense?

We knew that they'd been struggling offensively. They've been throwing the ball fairly well. We just wanted to not let them get started passing the ball and definitely not let them rush.

What's it like coming off the field with the high fives and all?

It stinks. We want to stay on there as long as we can. But it's fun to let the younger guys get the reps and get the experience.

You're always emotional. But it looked like when you sacked the quarterback in the third quarter that you came off high stepping. Was that the high point of your season so far?

Yeah. The win is the high point. But it's nice to get after the quarterback. I've kind of been in a drought. So, it's good to get one under my number. But the win is the ultimate goal.

Do you have a name for the celebration routine you do with D-Rob?

No. It was kind of freelance. We just get excited and get caught up in the atmosphere. We just goof around, joke around. Basically we do some practice, but we've got to calm it down because coach don't like it.



How disappinting was it to lose that shutout?

It wasn't that disappointing. We put a couple of younger guys in there. They've got to learn in case a couple of us go down. It's a learning experience.

But it's always a feather, you know, Ohio State, shutout?

Yeah. But we know we did. And (the younger defenders) will learn from that.

What was your team's plan going into the game against Ohio State's offense?

We just knew that they had fast guys, and we wanted to be able to stay over top and buckle down on them. Don't let them outrun us and things like that. Keep them underneath us.

Can you take is through your interception, what you saw?

I was pretty much man-to-man on Bam Childress. He was in the slot. I backed up and he did the little post corner. I saw the ball thrown pretty high. I thought that Jovon was going to go get it. So, I had to go get it at the highest point. I wasn't going to let him out jump me for the interception.(laughs)

But, yeah, I made a big play and the day went uphill from there.

Once again, it wasn't a fancy defense today. It was just straight up.

Yup. It was just our normal defense. We just went out there and making big plays like we've been doing since Day 1.

The senior seems to step up. They said that they were calld out in practice a little bit. They seemed to respond to that.

Yeah. They have because coach knows how they can play oon Saturdays. So, he'd rather go at that group because they're older. The inexperienced groups might take it the wrong way. They came out and played real good today and helped us a lot.

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