Pitch and Catch: Tate & Solomon Quotes

Drew Tate and Clinton Solomon

Drew Tate

Iowa has not beaten Ohio State very much, so what does that mean for you?

I am just happy that we got another Big Ten win. It has not really hit me yet. I am not from here, so I do not know, personally, what it feels like. I have been around and heard some stuff, but I have never been around and gotten a fan's experience. It might hit me later on in life and it might hit me tonight. I do not know.

Where do you see yourself halfway through the season?

I am unsure if I have exceeded any of my expectations. I have just wanted to show progress every game. Hopefully I can do better and be comfortable with the system.

This is your first game without an interception; is there a new found ball control style offense at Iowa?

I have not thought about it. It is my job to protect the ball. We knew coming in we were going to throw the ball more than run it. I just had to do a good job protecting the ball and being smart. Do not force things, do not force the ball. Some things just opened up with the run, we were fortunate.

Are the coaches stressing more pass efficiency for you? Also, is that kind of a change from high school?

Not really much. It's just throwing, catching, and completing. I am just making my reads, and the receivers just did a great job getting open. The guys up front did a great job holding out their guys. Their front four were good, big guys. Their linebackers are pretty good, too. All in all we did a great job.

You seemed to throw the ball away more when it was needed. Is that just part of your maturation process?

Well, you know if I could have run it I would have run it. We have really not wanted to turn the ball over and put our defense in a bad situation. They did a good job of not putting us in any bad situations, too. All of us just played a smart game, from coaches on down. Just everybody played a great game.

What did it feel like as an offense?

It feel great, you know. Just going out there and playing ball. We were moving the ball good against those guys and putting points on the board. It felt like two weeks ago against Michigan State. It was just fun to move the ball and put points on the board.

This is your second big game in a row, is everything starting to come together?

I think so. Everyone is starting to be on the same page. I am seeing a lot of things better and that is just going to carry over game after game. We were fortunate, we have five more games to keep getting better and better.

They are moving you around a lot with the bootlegs. Does that play to your strength?

Getting out of the pocket helps the line, especially when the linebackers are coming up the middle. I am not the fastest guy, but I am not real slow. I can probably get four or five yards on boots. If the receivers open up, though, I have to get them the ball. We are just trying to make stuff go with our running game and the bootlegs.

Are you looking forward to next week at Penn State?

Coach (Ken) O'Keefe told me that we need to keep our foot on the accelerator, you know. We won, that is great. But we do need to start worrying about Penn State. That is just the way it goes. You win, that is good, you get the 24-hour rule. After that, you get going on the next one.

Did it ever hit the 40 degree mark playing in Texas?

I don't know, it would get cold for a couple games late in the season during the playoffs at night.

So cold weather is not going to bother you?

I hope not.

Clinton Solomon

Q: You had some nice catches and the Hawks pretty much had their way today. Did you practice well this week?

Yes, we practiced real hard during the off week and had real good preparation for this game. Coach Eric (Johnson) always tells us we need to make big plays to win the game. That is what we did.

Did you know that you were going to come out throwing and that Drew Tate would be so outstanding?

He is a great leader, and a great quarterback. He puts the ball where we need to catch it and make plays. We certainly did that a lot today (chuckles).

Did you feel Ohio State was playing soft defensively?

They came out with a soft "Cover 3" coverage and we hit them with the quick gains. Then they tried to switch it up, but Coach O'Keefe did a great job with the game plan.

When did you feel the air go out of their sails in this game?

They are a great team and you expect them to fight for all four quarters. But I think after the late third quarter touchdown they kind of gave up. We pretty much had to take over from there.

Does the team have momentum after winning this game?

Oh yes. We had our downfall with the two losses versus Arizona State and Michigan. But we came back with some good wins now. We are in a good position for the last five games but need to keep our nose to the grindstone.

Good thing for depth at running back, right? -- It is the next man in and everyone is doing the right job.

Was there extra incentive to win this game, being that it was Ohio State?

Every game in the Big Ten is a game you want to win. We have not beaten O-State in a long time. I do not think I was even born the last time we beat them (laughs). This is a good win for Coach Ferentz and the coaching staff. From my understanding, Coach Jackson is the only coach on staff to have beaten them.

This is your second consecutive 100+ yard receiving day. Is this a trend we should get used to seeing?

Drew is a great quarterback and he has many choices with the good receiving corps we have. Today I guess it was number, but Ed and Warren had good games also.

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