Ohio State Postgame: Greenway, B. Ferentz

Two of Iowa's vocal leaders sound off on an impressive 33-7 thumping of the Buckeyes Saturday at Kinnick Stadium. Greenway took part in a suffocating defensive effort, and Ferentz helped silence the criticisms directed at the offensive line: "(The bye week is) incredibly important for cohesiveness, getting guys together and just getting a chance to work on your fundamentals and kind of go back to basics," Ferentz said. "It's all about fundamentals."


What's it like to look up at the scoreboard and know that it's Ohio State across the field?

It's a special feeling that you only get to feel a couple of times in your life. We have to take advantage of it. We went out there and played hard as a team today. It was nice to see us kind of put things together for the second week in a row, and then try to hope that we get things rolling a little bit. We have this two-game road stretch and we'll try to do well in that.

How did you feel Abdul played?

He played well today. He was everywhere. A lot of the things that they were doing to us, it put him in good position to make plays. He made them all day. He's obviously a great player and he played well today.

Can you talk about the intreception right before halftime and the fumble recovery right after halftime?

Those were really big because we had them down late in the first half and then we got a pick my Marcus which kind of shut them down. And then the fumble at the beginning of the second half shut them down again. it's those things that are kind of back breakers. It really hurts you as a team. They kind of had something going offensively and we stopped them. that just kills you as a team.

Did they lose some confidence after that?

I think so. Up until that, they started to do some things spreading things out and throwing the ball, which is what you need to do when you're down some points. But that's just not what they're really made of. But they played hard and played well all day.

Do you have any sense of the history of this victory? It's been 21 years since Iowa defeated Ohio State in this stadium.

Just from what I've ready, it's been a long time. It's an amazing feat for us to go out and beat these guys today because they're a great team and they're going to do some good things this year.

But it's nice to get any win in the Big Ten.

How valuable was your pass rush today?

It was great. We had to get something going up front. We started early. We kept on them all day. Derreck Robinson had probably his best game. As a defense, we really didn't play bad at all in any facet of the game. This was probably our best defensive effort of the year. We need to keep building off of this.

You didn't win the dual of the linebackers (with Abdul Hodge)?

I don't know. I didn't do much today. It was kind of in and out from what they were doing to us. They kind of put me in some positions not to really do anything. But he's a good player. He deserves everything he's got. He's going to continue to play well throughout the year.

Did you guys see anything on the Wisconsin film you used to put pressure on them?

You know. We didn't do much different today. We kind of just stuck to our guns and let that happen for us. It worked. We got pressure on the quarterback. That really helped us out a lot.

Was there any motivation for you and Abdul being left off of the Butkus (semifinalist) list?

We were actually in the library studying and we saw that. It was kind of a shot in the back. It stinks, but what can you do? A lot of those things are political, and you can't really do anything about them anyway. We just need to play well and control what we can control. If we keep playing hard and keep playing well, things will take care of themselves.

Did you have something to prove though?

When you're playing against linebackers as good as Ohio State has you want to show up and play well. I feel like we played pretty well today. (A.J.) Hawk is on the Butkus list, but that's individual awards. It's nice to win those things, but I'd rather win the game.



How much did the extra time (bye week) help the offensive line?

A bye week is invaluable. You can't understate it. You probably couldn't overstate it either.

It's incredibly important for cohesiveness, getting guys together and just getting a chance to work on your fundamentals and kind of go back to basics. That makes a big difference, especially in the line play. It's all about fundamentals.

Can you talk a little bit about the play of Drew Tate?

What can you say? I'd be repeating myself from two weeks ago. The guy is awesome. The guy is an awesome player.

When you're in a huddle with a guy like that, you just know it. You're going to make a play because if no one else makes a play, he'll make a play. It did a few times today. Ten guys didn't do the right thing and we didn't get the job done for him and he still scrambles for 15 yards and the first down.

What is it about his presence in the huddle?

He's just a winner. It's pretty hard to describe that. You hear people talk about "It". That's the ultimate cliche in sports to use "It". But he has "It." I don't know what "It" is, but he has "It".

When you're in the huddle with him, you see his eyes. The kid is ready to play and all he does is make plays. He has "It", not to beat a cliche to death. That's just the best way to describe it.

When did you first realize that he had "It"?

The day that he stepped on campus. I remember coming up the summer before last season. He lived with a couple of my buddies. People gravitate towards him. He's got that kind of personality where you want to be around him. When you're around him, you feel better about yourself. That carries right over to football. You meet a kid like that and you just know. It only takes one time.

How do you feel?

Pretty good. That's the key. The more games you play, the more you improve, the beter you can play, and I absolutely feel better than I did three weeks ago.

Have you seen the coming together of this offensive line in practice?

You don't really see it. It's kind of like remembering that I was 240 pounds in high school and now I'm 280 pounds. But I never really noticed it because it's so gradual. I'd compare it to that.

You see it on days like this when it becomes painfully obvious. You hold this picture against the picture of us at Arizona State, you'd see a very big difference. Maybe that's a bad example because anything was better than that.

You just don't really notice it. It just kind of grows. It's one of those things.

What's the potential now that you've gotten to this point?

Our potential is that we can win every game that we play or we could lose every game that play. That's the best way to put it.

We're the type of team where we certainly can't afford to look any further than next week at Penn State. We're not that kind of team. We're not 2002. We've got to fight and scrape for what we can get.

(Ohio State) played their butts off and we fought. We were out there scrapping. It got a little lopsided, but that's how it happened.

Potential? We can win every game. We can lose every game. But we better just concentrate on the next game or else we don't have any potential.

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