Damien Sims Busts Out of Redshirt

Buried deep in the depth chart at season's beginning, true freshman RB Damien Sims saw his first collegiate action Saturday in Iowa's 33-7 smackdown of Ohio State: "I was freezing," the Florida native said. "When coach finally called my name, I just got energy from somewhere, and I was warm. But as soon as I sat back down, it was cold again."


Were you limping out there?

Nah. I was alright. My fingers were a little cold because I was on the sideline for awhile, and after that, it was tough to get warm.

You had been on the sideline for a long time?

Yeah. But I've been learning. That's the main thing before they put me in the game so I know what I'm doing. I think I've got it down now.

What was it like when the coach finally called your name to go out there for the first time?

I was freezing. When coach finally called my name, I just got energy from somewhere, and I was warm. But as soon as I sat back down, it was cold again.

Did you ever think that you could run that way against Ohio State?

Ohio State is a good team. I always dreamed of playing against teams like Ohio State and Michigan. And I always knew that I would do good against them. But my team played well and things just opened up for me.

Tate was outstanding, wasn't he?

Tate is an animal. He reads the defense pretty well. He gets rid of th eball pretty good. That's why he hasn't been sacked a lot lately. As long as he knows the offense, he's making plays out there.

What have the last couple of games been like for you?

When I came in, I wanted to redshirt. But I also had to do whatever it takes to help my team.

I wanted to redshirt; get a year in the system; learn the plays. When they call the plays, I'm still kind of, "Oh, OK, I remember now." I wanted to know it like this. But coach moved me up with the first string and second string. You learn it faster while you're actually doing it. I picked it up pretty quick.

A lot of the players - Jermelle, Albert, Marcus - all the running backs helped me learn all of the stuff pretty quick. So, I think I've got it now.

You could kind of see your playing time coming. Did that help you prepare?

That's what I'm saying. While you're actually in practice, you learn more. First I was with the scouts. They brought me up when I still was redshirted just so I could get ready for next week. I just started learning while I was actually in practice. It paid off when we were in the game.

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