Quote Book: Brownlee, Hodge, Babineaux & Robinson

Sam Brownlee, Jonathon Babineaux, Derreck Robinson & Abdul Hodge...

Sam Brownlee

Explain how it feels to you?

It feels real good and fun to get in there and show what I can do.

Are you now the number one running back going into Penn State?

I really have no idea. We will see what happens this week in practice.

Being the top running back is kind of a dangerous spot to be in, isn't it?

It looks like they got our number called this year. I am just going to try and stay healthy - we will see what happens.

Did you ever imagine yourself in this position?

The coaches always tell us to imagine ourselves making the big play. I can always see myself doing that, so I guess I have seen myself in this position.

With a 2-1 record in the Big Ten, and just a game out of first – do you guys still think about a Big Ten Championship?

Coach Ferentz always says we can either win our games or lose them. It just comes down to how we prepare. But, I can see us doing real well down the line.

Abdul Hodge

Can you describe what you just saw out there today?

There was a lot of hard work put in. We just came to play today.

Teams do not beat Ohio State like you beat them today - so does this feel at all surreal?

Anybody can beat anybody on a given day. Today was just our day. We put a lot of work in for the two weeks.

This is largest margin of victory for an Iowa team over Ohio State, ever. Can you explain how you prepared?

We knew last year they did not score a touchdown on our defense. We wanted to do the same thing this year. When you come in to Kinnick Stadium, you come into the house of doom. We just came out there and played.

Can you talk about the big turnovers - the interception by Marcus Paschal and the fumble recovery by Derrick Robinson?

They could have been big momentum builders for them (Ohio State). I think the play Paschal made was the biggest of them all. Even if we did not make those plays we were still good enough to execute and win the game.

How would you rate the defensive performance today?

This is our best performance of the season, yes. That is a pretty good team, with pretty good receivers, and good quarterback. You know they are Ohio State; they will come to play. Overall we did really well.

Jonathon Babineaux

What does this victory mean for this football team?

It tells us where we are right now. It is a part of getting better week in and week out. That is what our program is about. Come October and November we want to continue getting better.

Does the defense play harder the colder it gets?

We gotta stay warm out there. Flying to the ball is a good way to do that.

So, given the fact you were eight years old the last time Iowa beat Ohio State - what does this mean to you, personally?

Shoot, I did not even know what the Big Ten was then.

This is a big win and a big momentum boost, is it not?

Oh yes, it has to be. Going back to last year we thought we could handle them but had some turnovers. We knew the key was to make plays on defense and special teams today. The defense stepped up and so did the offense and special teams. We did not give up anything to those guys.

Is the offense starting to take over as the strength of the team?

You know, the more you get those guys out there the more they are going to come around. That is good for us to get us off the field and let the offense do their job. That is good to get them some chances to do their job. We will hold down the other offense from scoring. We will not hold down our offense from doing it.

Derreck Robinson

Can you describe the feeling of victory from today?

Just like any other game we had to be ready. We prepare for this game just like any other game. The biggest thing was seeing film and the preparation for us this week.

Do you like this weather to play football in?

Oh yeah, this is football weather now, baby. I am from Minnesota so I am used to this cold stuff. I have a little insulation on my body thanks to Coach Doyle, so it is all good.

The offense seems to clicking on all cylinders. Are they becoming the team strength?

If they want to take over the hot seat, it is ok with me. As long as we win, no one cares who is better. But we all do not want just to win, we want to execute.

Now it's on to the road at Penn State…

This game is just like any other game, we have to execute to win. Today is over and we just have to move on and prepare for the Nittany Lions. It is going to be a tough game.

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