Dan Doering on Iowa-OSU, Plus New Iowa Prospect

Dan Doering was in Iowa City on Saturday, taking in Iowa's game against Ohio State. Since little is unknown about Doering at this time, as his every move has been chronicled to date, we spoke with he and his father, Rick, about the Kinnick Stadium environment on Saturday. Both father and son were impressed, and they also gave us a new name on Iowa's recruiting radar screen, and we spoke with that player, who happens to be a high school teammate of Doering's.


Dan Doering, his father Rick and his brother Tyler attended visited Iowa City.

Well, that is not really breaking news, as the Doering family has been to Iowa City nearly 10 times since February on football related business. That does not include the trips to help Dan's sister move into her dorm room in Iowa, either.

Dan is one of the top offensive line prospects in the nation and goes to Barrington High School in Barrington, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

So it's an easy drive to Iowa City, one that the Doering's obviously know like the back of their hand.

Prior to attending the Iowa-Ohio State game in Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, a game in which the Hawkeyes beat the Buckeyes 33-7, Dan had only been to one other Iowa game; Iowa's 2003 win against Arizona State.

The crowd was as in to the ASU game last year as any home game I have ever witnessed, and with ABC TV in town this past Saturday, the Hawkeye fans once again showed flexed Kinnick's muscles. Iowa extended it home winning streak to 16 games, the fourth longest streak in the nation.

Though the environment was out of this world as far as college football games go, Dan Doering was not surprised.

"It's what I expected. It's always what I expect when I go to Iowa City. I always go there and talk with the players and coaches, see the fans…everything feels great." Dan Doering said.

So, it's just like he has felt before?

"Yeah; I have had that feeling for a long time now," Doering joked.

Dan was in South Bend for Notre Dame's win against Michigan earlier this year, and he was in the Horseshoe in Columbus last week where Wisconsin beat the Buckeyes. We wanted to know how Saturday's game day environment in Kinnick stacked up with those legendary venues.

"It's (a Kinnick Stadium crowd) pretty intense. It's a school where people go to watch the game. Everyone knows about the game of football and they are constantly cheering. They know when their team is struggling, and they get louder and help them. You can tell that the fans really care about the team and the players, which is really good." Dan said.

Joining Dan at the game was a mix of familiar and new faces. Jake Christensen and his father Jeff are no strangers to the Doering's, and were on hand for the first half of the game. Dace Richardson and his father were there, along with Raphael Eubanks and his father. Plus, there were some more faces in the crowd.

"I sat with (Iowa commit) Jake Christensen, (Iowa commit) Marcus Wilson and Andy Laue, who is a right tackle at my high school. He is also hearing from Iowa. We had a fun time. I met Chad Henning (coached in high school by Iowa offensive line coach Reese Morgan and a former Outland Trophy Award winner) and Dallas Clark, so that was nice."

"I spoke with Dace a little bit, as well as with Raphael, and I was able to meet (Iowa commit) Tyler Blum."

We wanted to know if Dan felt that it was positive to attend games with players who he might end up playing with in college, as he, Eubanks and Richardson have several common scholarship offers.

"Throughout the entire recruiting process and at the games, it's good to speak with people that are in the same position you are in. When you start talking and find out what they are going through, find their thoughts, and you start to make connections and friendships. Sometimes you can feel a bit lonely going through all of this, so it's good to find guys who are experiencing some of the same things."

Lastly, with the environment at Kinnick being what it was on Saturday, we wanted to know if Dan was able to resist getting caught up in the crowd and cheering on the home standing Hawkeyes?

"I was cheering for them," Doering said. "It was a great game by Iowa. My sister was at the game, too, but she sat in the student section with all of her friends. All of us were cheering."

As is usually the case when Dan makes a campus visit, his father, Rick, was along with him.

We asked him some of the same questions that we asked Dan, namely if they learned anything new about Iowa through attending this game, as Rick had told us earlier in the year that Dan probably would not commit early just so he could experience game day environments at the schools his son is considering.

"No, we didn't learn anything new, but it's just a reaffirmation of what we already knew." Rick Doering said. "When you see the fans cheering like they do, and for the entire game like they do, it's a reaffirmation that the fans are great at the University of Iowa and they love watching the Hawkeyes play and fully support them on the field. That is what was really cool about it."

"Like last year at the Arizona State game, it was a game that was later in the day. Sometimes, there is a build up for a night game and it might not be the same environment that you would find for an afternoon game, for example. But that was not the case; in both situations, they (Iowa fans) were excited about seeing their team down there and seeing their team play so well, too."

"It is a tremendous game atmosphere there, no question. The most exciting thing is watching how the fans in the stands relate to what is going on, on the field. If you go to some of schools, you see a lot of shenanigans going on. That does not happen at Iowa; they are there to watch a football game."

We were curious about a father's perspective on seeing his son interact with the visiting recruits from other schools, as well as Dan's getting a chance to talk with Clark and Henning.

"It's very neat to see that. We see Dace Richardson quite a bit, and of course Jake. Dan made the Army All America team, and two weeks ago we went to a picture session, and we got to see Dace, Ryan Bain, Anthony Moeaki, Garrett Seeger and others. So the boys had a chance to talk then." Rick said.

"And last week, NBC TV here in Chicago had them on early in the morning and the boys were able to see each other there."

"At the Iowa game on Saturday, I was able to meet Dace's father, and spend some time talking with him. I sat next to Raphael and his father there, too, and they are very nice people."

Dan, Richardson, Moeaki, Eubanks and several other high profile Hawkeye recruiting prospects are all set to officially visit Iowa on December 10th. So will that be the next time the Doering's come to Iowa City?

"We may come back to another game, but we will have to see what happens," Rick said. "After this Friday, the playoffs begin and the coaches make it known that we shouldn't be going out on the weekends with playoffs going on."


You read Dan Doering mention Andy Laue (rhymes with ‘Maui', as in the Hawaiian Island) earlier in this item. Andy is a 6-foot-5, 280-pound lineman from Barrington. He also made the trek to Kinnick Stadium for the Ohio State game, as Iowa is showing interest in his talents.

"Iowa came to one of our games this year, and they emailed my father and told him that they would like for me to come to one of their games, so we went to the game this weekend," Laue told us. "They told me they were very interested and that they would like to see more film on me."

Though Iowa has not told Laue just what position they like him at, he has had experience up and down the offensive and defensive line.

"I started playing football in the eighth grade and have always played on both sides of the line. I played center as a freshman, then I moved up to varsity my sophomore year and played left tackle. My junior year I played right guard and this year I played right tackle. So I have played every line position." Laue said, adding that he has been playing with Dan Doering and Barrington quarterback Garrett Seeger since the eighth grade, but has known each of them longer than that.

Laue said that he has been to games at Northern Illinois, Northwestern and Indiana this year, but none of those venues was quite like what he experienced in Iowa City on Saturday.

"It was a crazy place. Those fans are nuts, but in a cool way. I thought it was great how they stayed for the whole game. Even though they were winning, they stayed until the end of the game. I thought that was awesome." Laue said.

"I heard people were tailgating since 6:30 in the morning for a 2:30 game. That is just great support."

Laue said that his high school coach will send some game tape to the Iowa coaches this week, and that he hopes to hear back from Iowa soon.

"Needless to say, I am very interested in Iowa. I think they have a great program in all the aspects. You can't get much bigger or better than what I saw on Saturday," Laue said.

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