Back Home Again: Dallas Clark in Iowa City

With his Indianapolis Colts taking the week off, former Hawkeye All American tight end Dallas Clark came home and took in Iowa's thrashing of Ohio State at Kinnick Stadium. Staffer Jason Miller spoke with Clark after the game, and talked a little NFL, some walk on economics and how it made him feel to see his former mates dismantle the Buckeyes.

Going into this bye week, you are having a pretty good season in Indianapolis.

Yes, things have gone off well. When the schedules came out, we looked at it and saw that we had a tough first five games. To be 4-1 going into the bye week we are pretty satisfied. We just need to move forward and get healthy because it is a long season. We will still take them one game at a time.

What is the status of Bob Sanders? Do you know?

He is going to start practicing . He has been healthy for about a month now, but they wanted to keep him healthy so he did not play one game a pull another hamstring. I am excited and I know the people in Indianapolis are excited to see him. I have been defending when people ask, "Dallas, is he good?" I tell them, ‘just wait.' He will be out there playing shortly.

Though never a part of a Hawkeye victory versus the Buckeyes, being part of the family, this has to be pretty good for you?

It is huge and to be in Iowa City, which is just a great college town, and see the coaches and team come out and just play like this was really surprising. To be in the stands watching it was just a great experience.

Do you follow Iowa in the newspaper every week?

Well, not papers. But if we have a home game (at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis) I am watching them on TV. On the away games, just watching them in the locker room as much as I can before we take off. It is great to keep up with them and I try and keep up as much as I can.

So you cannot afford a satellite dish or TiVo to tape the games and watch later?

The games, yes. I am working on Saturday, though. As much as I can, believe me, I am watching them.

As a former walk on, talk about the play of walk on Sam Brownlee today.

It is just another example of a guy who loves football. He comes everyday to work hard and takes advantage of the opportunity he has gotten. His number was called today and he came out and did a great job. It is pretty exciting, and plus he is from Emmetsburg. Just put him on a football field, he knows what to do.

Is it something in the water in Emmetsburg, all that great talent?

Being good friends with Bruce (Nelson) and Grant (Steen), it is just sickening to see them put out great talent. I think it is the corn.

What are your expectations for the rest of the season for the Colts?

It is just one game at a time. Every team in the NFL is capable of winning, so you cannot look over anyone. Just being in my second year, I just need to step up and focus on what I have to do. Whatever happens happens. We are enjoying it right now.

What is the biggest difference from the college game to the pro game?

The pro game is more of a business, yet still a game, it is a business. You are your own company so you have to be ready everyday is the best way to explain it. The biggest thing is that it is your job. You get paid for it and have to perform every day for practice and be ready. It is just different that way. That makes it interesting but it is what it is.

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