Coach Ferentz Postgame

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz discussed his team's emotional 6-4 victory against Penn State Saturday with the Hawkeye Radio Network broadcast team of Gary Dolphin and Ed Podolak: "If we're going to win this year, that's the kind of football team we are. We have to have everybody help out and contribute. It's just great to see. I just can't say enough about these guys. They have a lot of heart."


Gary Dolphin:Another great effort defense today, Coach.

Kirk Ferentz:You know, for everything we do, it starts up front; to get things started up front, offensively, defensively, special teams the same. I can't say enough about the defensive job our guys did. They we working hard up front; did a great job of matching up. The other units jumped right in with those guys.

Ed Podolak:Did you ever have a game with all of your defensive backs had an interception?

KF:I can't say that I have. No. That's a great thing to see. It's kind of like spreading the ball around on offense. It comes down to preparation. Guys are spending the extra time.

As you know Ed, when you put that extra time in as a player, you've got a chance to maybe see some things that you want than if you're just punching the clock. Our guys do that for us. Again, it's all team football.

GD:Both teams knew it was going to be a defensive struggle. Yet, Drew Tate grew up a lot today, but that hard snap count that drew Penn State's interesting, maybe the biggest offensive play of the day is a dead ball foul.

KF:That last drive looked pretty good to me. What did we gain, 10 yards, 11 yards? It might be the drive of the day, no question about it. It kept them off of the field. It kept them from having a chance to block a field goal.

It was a tough day for Drew. It wasn't a day where he had a rhythm. We didn't have a rhythm offensively. Penn State certainly had something to do with that. They've been playing great defense all season long.

We knew that it would be tough with them coming off a bye week, rallying the troups and all of that stuff. But the bottom line is that he showed grit. He continues to lead us well. He's the first guy to tell you he didn't play his best game today. He's darn determined to make sure that doesn't happen again. But I got a lot of admiration for that guy. He's a tough-minded guy.

EP:You can say that their game plan was to keep him in the pocket. They didn't let him outside where he could challenge the line of scrimmage.

KF:Not the same as that Fiesta Bowl, but a little bit like that. How many games have they won up there in the last 40 years. These guys aren't dumb at all. They had a good plan.

GD:When people wonder why you don't abandon your run when you can't run the ball consistently and just throw it, you learned today you keep coming back to it. You punched enough holes on that last drive. Mickens looked spectacular. Brownlee was running hard. You got two or three big first downs to help expire the clock.

KF:No quesion about it. With our football team right now, we need everybody to chip in and help. Sam is a tough guy. We're so pleased. Aaron, a fifth-year senior to step up like that and make the big plays he made.

If we're going to win this year, that's the kind of football team we are. We have to have everybody help out and contribute. It's just great to see. I just can't say enough about these guys. They have a lot of heart.

GD:Kody Ausmus was jacked up on that first snap. That was an unfortunate happening. But he came right back and snapped the ball well the rest of the day?

KF:Kody must have heard about that 7-foot-6 punter that we're recruiting right now. (laughs) He just didn't realize that the guy wasn't with us quite yet. But yeah, that was a lively end zone for us down there, a little bit exciting.

Hey, we weathered the storm. And that's what we told him afterwards. That's his bad one for the year. He came back and competed.

GD:Coach, we know it's been a tough week for you. We can't tell you how much, and I know the Iowa fans, appreciate you coming on the postgame show. We know you're heading back home to mom now in Pittsburgh.

First off, congratulations on the win. Thanks very much for your time. And our deepest sympathies to you.

KF:I appreciate that Gary. I just want to say publicly just how much my entire family appreciates the outpouring of cards, emails, prayers, flowers. We really celebrated my dad's life. He was a great man, great man (breaks down).

GD:Hey Kirk, he was upstairs. Like you told me this morning, he was around for the Ohio State win last week. And he was upstairs watching over you today.

KF:I'll promise you that he and Coach Moore are sitting up there together. I know this, if we had lost I might have gotten hit by two lighting bolts instead of one. (laughs) We didn't want to do that.

GD:Joe Moore, you're right. He and John are sitting up there right now probably hoisting one as we speak.

KF:I bet they're smoking, too. That got them in trouble down on earth, but I tell you, they got their money's worth.

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