Coach Ferentz PSU Postgame II

Iowa capped an emotional week with a 6-4 victory at Penn State Saturday in Happy Valley. Following the win, the Hawkeyes gave the game ball to Head Coach Kirk Ferentz, whose father passed away last weekend: "I told the team on Tuesday, I wish they had gotten to know my dad. Unfortunately because of his health, his last time out was 2000...He lived a very full life, a life that was full of rich relationships, great experiences, and we're blessed to have a great, great family.


I can't say enough. It was a great team win for our football team today. We came in Tuesday when we got together, we knew this was gonna be a hard fought ball game, a tough contest, and I think we all saw today, it was two great defenses playing against each other out there, and it was just one heck of a football game. Everybody played with a lot of heart and I can't say enough about the guys on our football team.

On it being an old fashioned game:

Those aren't all bad either. To say again, I can't say enough about our staff. They did a great job of getting our guys ready to go, but it still comes down to players. The players play the ball game out there and they played with great determination, great heart. The staff did a great job. Obviously I can't be any happier than I am right now. It's just a great day for us.

On his secondary:

I think our coaches do a great job getting our guys ready. We're generating things up front. Our front four really working hard up there and I think it shows too that our guys prepare. I think we have a veteran group back there right now. Getting Sean back there's a boost and that's no slam on Miguel. Miguel's done a fantastic job stepping in, Marcus stepping back at free, but I really think a lot of it goes back to preparation, the secret's of preparation, I think our older guys for sure have bought into it and that gives you a little jump, maybe it makes up for a lack of athleticism sometimes.

On Bradley taking safety (Late in the game):

It was a nice safety. We have to put a new play in. That was a flaw. We practice that one to run the clock out. We weren't exactly trying to run the clock out at that point, we figured we might need it later on. So we have to come up with another goofy name for take the safety, a fast safety, where we just snap it through or let him get the heck out of there, but I mean the decision was pretty obvious. If you guys were at the ball game and all of you were, it was a pretty obvious decision. Typically if you punt off your own one yard line, it's almost a guaranteed three for the other team and in this kind of game, we sure as heck didn't want to give them three easy ones. I'd rather take the safety and play field position and ride our defense and it was a pretty good thing to do today. It worked out.

On his confidence in defense to do that:

They've earned that confidence. You were out there today. You saw our guys playing. They were playing hard. They were playing with confidence, and they've earned that right. We just have great confidence in our guys. They have a lot of heart and a lot of motor up front.

On this being the strangest game?

Oh I don't know. I don't know about strange. I know it may be as pretty as I've seen in my mind. It's like I told our guys. Two years ago it was a track meet up and down the field. At the end of the game we bowed up and got it done defensively and we won that thing. And today it was just the opposite way. It was hardly a track meet. It was a pitcher's duel. I'll tell you, offensively we bowed it up in the end too. We got it done when we had to. How great is it to see guys like Aaron Mickens get involved, guys like Sam Brownlee. Tate with a great, hard count there at the end. It's just team football. That's all we really worry about is team football. We don't care who, how, all that stuff, it's just how we get it done, as long as we get it done.

On the team giving him the game ball:

I'll just say this real quickly, first of all I publicly want to thank everybody. I'll tell you, the outpouring of e-mails, cards, it's gonna be a pain in the butt to get back to my office. I know I'll have cards up the…I know that. But the flowers that were sent, all the prayers and thoughts from the state of Iowa means an awful lot. To my family (breaks down for about 5 seconds) I'll tell you we had a great three days as a family together. I told the team on Tuesday, I wish they had gotten to know my dad. Unfortunately because of his health, his last time out was 2000. They would love the guy. He was a heck of a guy. He lived a very full life, a life that was full of rich relationships, great experiences, and we're blessed to have a great, great family. I said the other day, you learn in coaching real fast, you better have role models and you better have teamwork, and families are no different. My parents are just tremendous people. We have just a great team in our family, not only brothers and sisters, but relatives and I made great friends through the years. So that part was all very, very special and you know, I'll tell you what, my family in Pittsburgh's extremely happy right now and I know my dad and I know coach Moore are looking down right now and they're smiling, they're feeling pretty good.

On if he had talked to his mom:

I haven't talked to her yet, I'm gonna do that as soon as I get out of here. It's a good reason to get out of here.

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