Tate, Schlicher Sound Off on Penn State Victory

After back-to-back 300-yard passing games, Iowa quarterback Drew Tate ran into the force that is Penn State's defense. Luckily, teammate Kyle Schlicher rang true on both of his field goal attempts in the 6-4 win: "I know my role and I know how important I can be to a game, to the outcome of a game and I that's my goal, anytime I'm called upon, to come through for the team."


On this being the strangest game in which he's beem involved:

Yeah, for my first season, yeah. Yeah definitely.

On the importance of the kicker:

I already knew. I know my role and I know how important I can be to a game, to the outcome of a game and I that's my goal, anytime I'm called upon, to come through for the team.

On the tough week:

The emotion was definitely running very high. A lot of talks about the situation, but not in too much detail, just I think without coach Ferentz saying it, it pretty much just dawned on everybody on our team that we're playing this game for him and his family. I mean let's get this win for what happened.



On his tough day:

I'm just happy that we got the win right now. I'll figure all that stuff out this weekend.

On playing for the coach:

It was tough. We really wanted to get this win for the team, the program and everything, but it was a special win for his father and his family and things like that, but we had a pretty good week of practice. He wasn't there, but I think he kept in contact with some of the coaches and things like that.

On playing Penn State's defense:

I was more nervous coming into this game than I was the first game against Kent State because watching film on them all week, I knew their defense was just ridiculous and I knew that they were gonna do some stuff. They were big and strong and fast. They just made it hard for us and everything, but I think we did a great job of just staying within each other. Some of us lost our cools. Especially me, I lost it there, but I've played like that for a long time. What helped us out though was our defense. They just really kept it in for us.

If he had played in stranger games:

Yes. This is up there with probably one other one. It doesn't really matter how many yards I passed for or how many yards they got on our defense. The thing is, we won the game, bottom line.

On if he was frustrated

Not really. I'm just kind of in awe right now, but I kind of expected this. It doesn't really matter what I think right now. We won and we can just move forward and just learn from it.

On giving Coach Ferentz the game ball:

We all did. It wasn't just me, but I mean that goes to him and his family in Pittsburgh and I think that's where it will stay.

On getting a road win:

It's big. I think it boosts our confidence up, knowing that no matter where we go, we can win the game. I think we did a great job kind of stepping inside some of the environments and how loud they were and things like that and it was a great challenge for us and hopefully it will help up when we go into Illinois and Minnesota.

On the last time he started a game when offense hasn't score touchdown:

I've never been a part of a game I can think of. One other time we've only scored one touchdown since I've started a football game, and that's the fewest I've ever scored in one game was one touchdown, (pause) but you know, doesn't matter. We won the game.

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