Hawks Talk PSU Win: Roth, Brownlee

Iowa moved to within one victory of being bowl eligible after downing Penn State, 6-4, Saturday at State College. DE Matt Roth led a solid defensive effort by slamming Nittany Lion quarterbacks throughout the day: "I've been in some big games, but it's always fun when you can sneak away with a win in a game like this."


On the defense:

That's what we want to be, kind of the backbone of this team. It came down to defense and we got a good stop.

On PSU QB Zack Mills:

He's a competitor. He's a great quarterback. He can run. He can move. We were just getting a lot of pressure on him.

On the all four starting defensive backs each intercepting a pass

The DBs played well, the linebackers, the line. It was a great team effort.

On a tough week:

Yeah it was emotional. Coach is an emotional guy and he's been down the last week and it's just our way of giving back to him and picking him back up and it was a great team effort.

On the game ball:

Oh yeah, he got the game ball. He's deserving of it.

On if he expected a close game:

Yeah, you know we know the last couple times we've played them, it's come down to the wire. Two years ago especially down here. It was gonna be a hard fought battle and they've got a great defense and they've got a good offense as well so we knew it was gonna come down to the wire.

On where this game belongs in his list of memorable wins:

I've been in some big games, but it's always fun when you can sneak away with a win in a game like this.

On the drive of the defense:

We've got a bunch of competitors on defense. We don't care if we're up, if we're down, we want to play the whole game. We just kept coming out and fighting and getting field position for our offense to make things happen.

On Luebke stripping the ball from Robinson:

Tyler, he's a great player and he came up big for that big play.

On the return of FS Sean Considine:

Considine, he had a big game today and he's a good leader for those guys in the secondary and him being out the last two weeks, it hasn't necessarily hurt us, but we're strong with him in there and he's a great competitor.

On shutting down PSU's running game:

We take pride in not allowing the rush to get started.

On hearing about the passing of Coach Ferentz's dad:

He announced it I think on Monday or Tuesday. It was emotional for coach and the team and especially the other coaches because they're a tight knit group and we just pulled through for him and his family and it's brought us closer as a team.

On how they were able to pull together:

He was back here in Pittsburgh with his family and we knew that and we just worked hard for him with our position coaches and luckily we came back with a win here on Saturday.

He's a family guy and that means a lot. I think it's brought us closer as a team and my wishes go out to his family and he's a great guy.

On the reaction of coach when the team gave him the game ball:

He broke down in some tears. He said he was gonna give it back to his mom and his dad was a big, big fan. It was just a great, great atmosphere in there. I think the W really helped.



On the PSU Defense:

We knew coming in that their defense was really good and I know our defense played unbelievable, so that definitely helped us with the game.

Does the ugly score matter:

No, definitely not. A win is a win in my book, in all of our books I think.

On ever having been in a 6-4 game:

No, I never have. I don't know if I've even heard of a score like that before. But I think all that matters is that we came out on top.

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