Iowa Hawkeye Recruiting Roundup

Recruiting Roundup (Ryan Bain, pictured)

Allen Wallace of with Ryan Bain

Illinois DL Ryan Bain (6-2, 268, 4.8) from Bolingbrook took his official trip to Purdue last weekend. He went with his mom.

"I liked hanging out with all the players and the coaches," says Bain. "The guys took me to some parties. I can't really say what the highlight would be. Oh ya, it would be that I weighed in at 268 pounds, so I'm up. I'm trying to keep my weight up for wrestling. I'm a heavyweight and I'd like to be up close to the limit of 275. I'm really just trying to make sure I stay above 260.

"I can't say I really have any leader though. I just have no idea and I'm not sure when I'll make up my mind. I'm looking at position depth, opportunity to play and the school's ability to turn me into a better player. Overall, I'd say my favorites are in the Big Ten."

Bain says he plans to also officially visit Iowa (12/10), Minnesota (11/13) and Wisconsin (11/6).

"I've already seen 15-20 schools (unofficially). Schools that I might also want to see for my final official visit are Nebraska, UCLA, Oregon and Michigan State. "My childhood fave was Notre Dame but I didn't really like the school as much as I thought I would when I went there, so I'm not considering them.

"I'm pretty quick. Some schools think I could play LB. But I'll probably be a DL. In college, I'll be around 280."

No parental pref.

SR (5-4) stats: 5+ sacks/1 pick 3.1/24 ACT

Allen Wallace of with Dace Richardson

Wheaton (IL) OL Dace Richardson (6-6, 300, 5.0) continues to deny a leader but favors Tennessee (10/23 official trip), Iowa (visited, 12/10 official trip), USC (childhood fave, expects to officially visit), Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Notre Dame. All have offered.

The youngster from Warrenville South says, "I don't have a leader because I like them all the same right now. None of them are set off from the rest.

"I had a good trip to Tennessee this past weekend. It was a great experience for me to see their game day atmosphere. My host was Anthony Parker (OT) and he showed me around the facilities, introduced me to the players and basically showed me around the city of Knoxville. My teammate Tony Moeaki (TE) was there on the trip with me too. I had a great lunch and dinner with coach (Phillip) Fulmer and some of the other coaches.

"I like how Tennessee is a very family-oriented program. The coaching staff is great and I like their offensive line philosophy. It would be a good situation for me to go there.

"Iowa's coaches (Kirk) Ferentz and (Chris) Doyle (strength and conditioning) are great guys. Coach Doyle really trains his players to be superb athletes. Iowa City is a nice place where I could also see myself living there.

"USC coach (Pete) Carroll is great and I really like the coaching staff there. They always call me together. I have heard that they have a pretty nice campus too.

"Wisconsin has great facilities. Their locker rooms, weight rooms and stuff are all in one place…below the field. That is very convenient for their athletes. It seems like a nice place to go to school.

"I've only met with Oklahoma's coach (Kevin) Wilson (OLs) once before. They are trying to get me there for an official visit, but I don't know yet if I'll go there for that. They are doing good and they seem like they have a good program going.

"Notre Dame has a great coaching staff and a great coach in Tyrone Willingham. If I went there I would be playing for a good team, and I could succeed in academics if football were to somehow not work out. They have some great supportive fans."

Other offers include Penn State, Maryland, Kentucky, Miami, UCLA, Arizona, Kansas and Boston College.

Richardson will officially visit Iowa (12/10) and USC.

Warrenville South is 7-2.

2.8/18 ACT/retake unset

Josh Clark with FL WR Jessie Hester

Jessie Hester knew he would have a chance to make a big splash in Belle Glade's game against Fort Lauderdale Dillard this fall, but was unable to do so due to injury.

"I've had to sit out a few games because a guy took a cheap shot at me and took my legs out," said Hester. "It was basically just a deep thigh bruise, but I'm coming back on Friday and I'm going to play through the pain."

During that game against Dillard, though, Hester was able to spark a conversation with a potential future teammate.

"I spoke with Elijah Hodge, and he told me he was taking a visit up to Iowa. I told him that I was going to try and set mine up the same weekend. Iowa is still my favorite right now, and South Florida and Northern Illinois are the two others calling me right now. Georgia I guess has been calling my parents, but since I'm living with my uncle while I go to Belle Glade, they haven't called my cell phone."

Hester also took in one of the Hawkeye's better games this fall in a blowout victory over Ohio State.

"I was really impressed with their quarterback, and he just went off on those guys. I know I've heard they got a real good quarterback coming in from Illinois, too, so its pretty good to know they are secure at that position. I'm not too worried about how much they throw the ball because I know they are able to move it."

Josh Clark with TX RB Kestahn Moore

One of the nation's most unheralded backs, Kestahn Moore continues to showcase his abilities on the field. Besides helping lead his team into the state playoffs, Moore also continues to receive plenty of interest. He talks about the six schools that currently stand out on his list, and names two schools most likely to receive visits at this time.

It is a very good year in Texas when looking at the running back position. You can find a lot of different sizes, styles, and combinations of speed and power when looking at some of Texas's most productive backs.

Perhaps no back is more of a complete back than Mansfield Summit's Kestahn Moore, who showcases the whole package with his ability to run, catch, and block.

"Coach Sims from Colorado stopped by my high school last Friday, and told me he was after me for the fact that I can do all three things (run, catch, and block)," said Moore. "He likes the way I run, and felt from seeing me in person that I was even bigger than what he expected."

Colorado is not the only school coming after the four star running back hard.

"I'm getting a lot of calls, but the schools I got the most interest in right now are Oklahoma State, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, and Texas A&M. Oklahoma State is still my top school, but Missouri is right up there, too. Those are the two most likely I'll set visits with first," noted Moore.

He then offered his thoughts on each school compiling his list.

Oklahoma State: "It is outside of Texas, but still close enough to home for my parents to be able to watch. They have a lot of Texas guys on their roster, and my cousin, Brent Nickerson, is already committed there. I also know Chris Hall pretty well, and he'll be there next fall, too. Coach Porter was a real cool guy when I went up to their summer camp."

Missouri: "I know I'm going to take a visit up there with Chase Daniels. We both originally came out of Irvin, and played little league football together. He has always been the quarterback and I've always been the running back so a chemistry has been built there. They are only wanting to sign one running back in this class."

Wisconsin: "I'm still keeping my eye on them. My former teammate, #88 Jarvis Minton, is a freshman receiver there right now, and he really likes it. He told me that if they see you can help the team, they will help you make the next step in learning their system as a true freshman."

Iowa: "I've been talking to Coach (Ron) Aiken a lot, and he told me they are looking to sign up to three running backs in this class. That is because everyone is getting hurt, which I look at as an opportunity but I also got to wonder if something is going wrong up there."

Colorado: "I basically just like what Coach Sims had to tell me. Other than that, I don't know a whole lot about them."

Texas A&M: "I've been talking to Coach (Stan) Eggens a lot, but I'm not sure how interested I am in them. My dad and I were just talking about how much they are using the spread offense, and I'm not sure if that is because they are dissatisfied with their running back or not."

Moore hopes that his first official visit won't come until after December 11th, which is the date his team could be playing in the state championship. During that time span, though, Moore knows he will need to be turning on the television.

"To be honest, I really haven't been paying much attention to the teams on my list this fall as far as watching their games. I watched the Oklahoma State/Missouri game, but I need to start checking out these teams on TV more to get a better feeling for how they play."

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