Hawks Talk Purdue: Considine, Greenway

The Purdue spread offense likely will keep the Hawkeye defenders on their toes Saturday in Kinnick. SS Sean Considine and LB Chad Greenway discuss what it's going to take in order to slow down Kyle Orton and the Boilermaker attack in this premium Q&A.


Do you get up a little bit more for a team like Purdue that's going to throw the ball all over the place?

I wouldn't sat that I get up more. I'll have to make sure that I'm more mentally focused during the game. When a team spreads you out like they do, more mental errors are going to result in touchdowns. You've got to be mentally focused.

I try to come into every game with the same type of focus and preparation. But this is one of those weeks where it might take a little extra preparation to come into the game ready like I normally am.

They try to create mismatches. How do you counter that?

They're going to get the matchups that they want whether it's Stubblefield on a linebacker or whatever they decide to do. The best thing that we can do is get those looks during the week from our scout team players.

Obviously I don' think our scout team is going to replicate the things that Stubblefield is going to be doing. If we could just get three quarters or 80 percent of that look throughout the week, that should help us.

How has Orton changed in the last couple years?

He is a guy that's gotten better every year. A lot of guys come in their sophomore year and kind of hit the plateau. Even between last year and this year, you can just tell that he's improved a ton. Those are the type of players that go on to successful NFL careers.

Does he do things out there you need to look for?

He always seems to find the guy that ends up being open. Last year, I wouldn't even call them blown coverages, but we had matchups that we didn't want and he found those guys and they ended up being two huge touchdowns. That basically put the game out of reach early in the first half. He's just one of those guys where you can't give him an inch or he'll take a mile.



What happened with the defense over there (at Purdue) last year?

We did a few different things last year that we just weren't accustomed to doing. It's getting a feel with what the players are comfortable with this week. I'm sure the coaches will address that and see what's going to work for us against this offense.

Early in Tiller's tenure they got a rep for chopping people quite a bit. Do they still do that?

I don't remember them chopping the D-linemen last year. I just remember them trying to cut block a lot at the second level to try to cut the linebackers on a running play. I don't remember them chopping in the passing game as much as they used to. But in the running game, they try to utilize the cut block.

Do you worry about their tight end?

It's a legal block, but it's something in the back of your mind. You just play and hope it won't happen to you.

How do you counter that cut blocking?

You just have to play off of the blocks. We do a cut drill in practice. A lot of teams do that because the cut block is used so much at this level. Especially in the Big Ten where you're trying to run the ball and get the second level cut to get extra yards.

It's something that we've worked on. I wouldn't say that we've perfected it, but we've worked on it enough to be better at it than we have in the past.

Coach said they look for matchup advantages.

That's going to be us, the linebackers against the receivers. They're going to try to work against us. Hopefully we're prepared and good enough this week to defend them. We're going to go in there with our stuff and try to beat them with our game. It's at our house. That's the best option we have.

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