One Season Ends, Another Begins for Calloway

While most senior high school football players are now realizing the bitter reality of their high school careers ending, Kyle Calloway is on his way to beginning his second season of football this fall. Yes, that is correct, as Kyle is making the drive down to Tucson, Arizona where he will report in for football practice on Monday.

Kyle Calloway and Belleville East watched their season end last weekend in a first round playoff game against Harvey-Thornton, which featured two division one defensive end prospects in Keyon Brown and Terrance Jamison.

"I played guard for the past six weeks so I didn't go up against, either, but I did have a chance to get a few smacks on Brown when I swept out past the tackle," said Calloway. "Our right tackle, Zach Zellmer, has a half scholarship to Michigan State, and he more than held his own against Jamison."

Calloway began the season playing the first four games at tackle before moving over to offensive guard.

"We were lacking some big guys inside so they moved me to guard," added Calloway, who was joined by his father and mother as they began their drive to Tucson. "They knew I liked to be physical and bang, and I felt I did pretty well at guard."

Calloway noted that the Hawkeye coaches have told him they plan to play him at tackle.

"Iowa has told me to play basketball this winter to continue to improve my footwork as they plan to play me at tackle. Obviously, things can always change, but have also given me pointers on how to work out during this coming off-season."

Kyle's father, Ed, who is in the Air Force, found out he would have to move his family to Tucson and the family began their drive down this evening.

"We saw snow in Amarillo, Texas," Calloway remarked in disbelief. "I couldn't believe it that we actually saw it in Texas."

Calloway left Illinois at the perfect time to enjoy the warm winter in Tucson.

Before he begins playing basketball at Tucson Cieneca High School, Calloway will attempt to help their football team advance in the playoffs.

"According to their high school eligibility rules, I have to practice ten times before I can play the first game. I would miss the first playoff game, but their coaches have assured me they will win that game. They plan to play me at offensive tackle," Calloway said.

Calloway was not able to win a state championship at Belleville East, but he may be able to enjoy that possibility in Tucson.

More importantly, Calloway hopes to win the big prize while at Iowa; that being a National Championship. He has high hopes with the current recruiting class being put together by the Hawkeyes.

"Iowa has told me they are putting together a very good class. I know they just got that lineman from Iowa (Andy Kuempel) who I met at one of the practices, and I really like him. They told me they are going after a center prospect in Minnesota really hard, too, and that they plan to sign five offensive lineman and that they all might redshirt. Then, they believe we'll all have a shot to play that following year," concluded Calloway.

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