Purdue Postgame: Solomon, Tate

The Hawkeyes again employed an offensive air attack in knocking off Purdue, 23-21, Saturday for their fifth straight win. The Boilermakers brought more guys at Drew Tate than a P Diddy entourage, but the talent from Texas avoided enough to lead his team: "They forced us to get out of a lot of things and do some things that we normally don't do. But all in all, we got the W and that's all that matters."


Was it (the dropped TD) too easy?

Man, I don't know what happened on that play. My eyes got big like a kid in a candy store, and I just lost sight of it. We got the W, so I can't dwell on it.

Can you talk about Drew's performance?

Like I've told you guys from the start, Drew is a good leader and he's a hell of a quarterback. When Drew puts it up there, we've got to make plays.

What did he say to you after that drop?

The main thing that I heard Drew say was that he wasn't going to lose confidence in me. He's going to come back to me if we need to make a play. He just told me to keep my head up. We're going to get some points out of it and to just move on to the next play. That's what I needed out of Drew.

Did you guys do anything differently on offense?

We took advantage of their linebackers matched up on Chandler. He's a big bodied receiver.



That had to be an exciting win.

It was real exciting. I was real excited to play against these guys. Hats off to them. They brought a lot of pressure a lot with their safeties up the middle. They forced us to get out of a lot of things and do some things that we normally don't do. But all in all, we got the W and that's all that matters.

You had to be a Houdini back there a few times today.

That's just them bringing more guys than we can block. That happens I was fortunate enough to get out on some. On some, it didn't work out. The receivers did a good job of trying to find me and find a place to get open when I was on the run.

Do you think your inability to run the ball is hurting by allowing them to come with more guys?

I don't know. They were just trying to come because they weren't really coming at first and then they started coming and it slowed us down a little bit. That's the way that I look at it.

Were the receivers breaking off of their routes when you were running around back there?

They are. The only thing is that it's just got to be faster. They're not taught to break as fast as what we needed to do today. That might be something we need to work on this week. Whenever they bring safeties up the middle like that, then (the receivers) got to some right now. They made it tough for us though with a lot of things.

One of the great passes of the day was the floater down the sideline to Chandler for 46 yards on third and 13.

They brought a corner. I didn't want to just throw it out there to replace the corner with the ball because I don't think we would have gotten 16 yards. So, I just gave a pump fake and the guy just jumped. I got around him and saw Chandler. I just tried to get it up high and far for him to run under.

It seemed like Chandler was open all day.

Chandler did a good job of working to get open and sitting in zones and beating linebackers. He played a great game.

You had some great catches from Hinkel and Solomon, too.

Yeah. They made some great catches. We're finding ways to win. We're trying to run it. We're trying to throw it. But we're finding ways to win games and that's the only thing that matters right now.

The shield that you wore, you haven't done that all of the games have you?

No. It just came on this week.


I don't know if I can say. I don't think they want me to say.

Did you get poked in the eye?

I can't say.

How about your catch?

Yeah, I was hoping I was going to be able to get down and get away from those guys. They did a good job of reacting and getting back.

What did you tell Clinton after he dropped the touchdown?

I said, hey, you played a great game. Don't let this bring you down. Will kick the field goal and out defense is going to stop them. We're going to win this game. I can't remember everything I was saying to him, but I was just trying to keep his spirit up because I couldn't imagine how he felt after that.

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