The Rob Report: Purdue

In this week's view from the Press Box and Locker Room, Senior Writer Rob Howe gives an extensive injury update, an update on the bowl situation, a list of true freshmen in uniform Saturday and much more in this postgame wrapup from Iowa's big win over the Boilermakers.


Hinkel - Coach Ferentz did not specify an injury for Ed, but said he has been banged around quite a bit the last few weeks and is "stoved" up. Hinkel did not get his normal amount of reps on Saturday. James Townsend played a lot in the second quarter.

Simmons - Still sidelined with high ankle sprain. Did not dress. Coach Ferentz said a return at Minny is unlikely.

Gray- Again, the coach did not specify an injury but said that Lee missed a lot of practice time this week because he was less than 100 percent. His removal from the game was part injury and part performance.

Elgin - Sprained right ankle late in the first half. Replaced by Ben Cronin, who played center the rest of the way. Doubtful for Minny, but has a chance to return by Wisky.


DRESSED UP: A list of the true freshmen that were in uniform on Saturday - Bentler, Dalton, Narinskiiy, McCracken, King, Fletcher, Brodell, Myers, Olsen, Sims, Dunn, Shada, Godfrey, Kroul.


LET'S GO BOWLING: Oh, do these bowl reps love our Hawks, and you should all pat yourselves on the back for that for the way that we travel. They flocked to the Iowa locker room after the game.

I pulled into the parking lot with the Cap 1 rep today. After giving him a complimentary copy of HN magazine, I said to him, "Another couple of wins, and we might be seeing you guys this year." He responded with: "It might not take that much."

I know these guys love everybody, but there really was no need for him to say that. Plus, the Alamo Bowl rep told a fellow reporter than he didn't think he'd be seeing us this year after the Purdue game was in the bag.

Sure, things can happen with Ohio State winning out. But the Bucks aren't that good, and it might now matter that much anyway. The Hawks and their fans definitely have a rep with the bowl guys.



Good Call - Abdul Hodge called timeout during a Purdue drive deep into Hawkeye territory midway through the first quarter. Iowa switched to a nickel package on third down and the Boilers were forced into a field goal attempt, which was blocked by Marcus Paschal.

Big Leg - Iowa kicker Kyle Schlicher continued his improvement with three touchbacks.

C.J. Sightning - Barkema came in for a snap on the left side of the line in the first half.

Ben Gates replaced Lee Gray at LT in the second half, and Cronin played center for the injured Elgin.

Cooler Head Prevailing - Drew Tate was asked earlier in the week if he felt like he was riding his teammates too hard during the game. The sophomore QB was noticeably gentler Saturday, walking up to guys and patting them on the rear ends if there appeared to be miscommunication.

After Clinton Solomon dropped a sure touchdown pass in the fourth quarter, Tate was one of the first players over to console him.

Getting Personal - Pete McMahon was whistled for the late-hit, personal foul on Purdue DB Torri Williams' interception return midway through the third quarter. The officials did not call out his number.

Kirk Ferentz blow up of the week - Coach Ferentz rode the line judge pretty hard in the second quarter when he felt Charles Godfrey was blocked in the back on punt coverage.

What have you done for me Lately - The Iowa crowd booed the Hawkeyes' play calling in the third quarter after Sam Brownlee was stopped for a loss.

That a boy - Ferentz ran down the sideline to congratulate LB George Lewis after the senior intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter.

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