Hawks Talk: Babineaux & Lewis

Quotes from Jonathon Babineaux and George Lewis

Jonathon Babineaux

Q: We were looking for you to grab one of those turnovers, what happened?

I almost had one; it came right across my head and was to fast for me to react to. I am just happy those guys got some picks. It came from the front pressure and good coverage.

Q: Even though on the turnover side the defense dominated, but they still got 20 points on you.

You try to stop a team as much as you can. A team like that is very good team and can strike at any minute. I think overall as team we did a good job defending them today.

Q: We were surprised by the ability of Brandon Kirsch?

No, not really. Back in my sophomore year he got in the game when Orton went down so we knew he has talent. I just knew we were going to have to contain this guy.

Q: Do you feel that Purdue did a different blocking scheme to try and contain your strong front four?

I really could not say because I was not at the end. We were looking for cut blocks because they do that a lot. They threw us off a little bit with the passing game, but not too much.

Q: You saw the shotgun formation a lot today – was that something the coaches prepared you for in practice this week?

Oh man, we saw that all day every day this week. It did not matter who was playing quarterback, we had to be ready to stop things from that formation.

Q: Is this the best the defense has looked all season?

I feel we did some good things today and get better every week. I would not say this would be the best effort. But when the defense comes alive we will get better than today.

George Lewis

Q: Was there anything you had to do differently once it became obvious Kyle Orton was not going to be playing?

No matter if he did or did not play, we were going to play Hawkeye defense. We had to prepare for Orton, Kirsch, or if Gary Danielson was back there playing.

Q: How much easier does the strong play of the defensive front four make your job?

A lot easier, a lot. We know that when they are getting pressure, we will be making plays. When the defense takes care of their business, you have to thank the good job of the defensive line. From that it will be a good day for the LB's.

Q: The team is just one game out of first in the Big Ten with two games to play.

It is a long road with a marathon to run. This is not the 100-yard dash; it is the marathon that goes week-to-week and town-to-town.

Q: Describe what the crowd noise was like.

It was a big factor. We have the number one fans in the nation, so when we play at Kinnick it is not the 12th man out there – it is more like the 100th and 200th.

Q: You got the interception today – were you thinking end zone all the way?

It was a good feeling. It was good to get my first interception of the season. We work on that in the individual drills. Today it was kind of funny because I dropped all the passes before the game. But in the game I make a big play for the offense and defense. I was just looking straight green. Abdul threw a great block, I should just have been more like a running back and cut it back in and read the block. I tried to hurdle him and keep going but was out of bounds come to find out anyway. And I did not even have a touchdown dance in mind, just hand it to the referee. That is boring, but no penalty and six points. Maybe sometime. (laughs)

Q: Will memories of a Big Ten title be dancing in your head when you go to the Metrodome next weekend?

You cannot go by what happens last year. They have a different team, a more explosive one. You just have to go in there and play Hawkeye defense. I think this, today, was a good performance for us. Any time you win it gets you pumped for the next game and we will be ready for the Gophers because they are a good team. All the teams in the Big Ten are good.

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