Hawks Talk: Allen & Greenway

Chad Greenway has never lost in Kinnick Stadium as a starter. Teammate Antwan Allen has an extra year of starts on Greenway, and he has seen just one loss in Kinnick Stadium. Both players talk about Iowa's home field advantage in this item, as well as the play of their team in Iowa's 23-21 win against Purdue.

Antwan Allen

Q: Another big win the Big Ten conference, how does it feel? We just try to keep them going. It is a good day, but next week is another week.

Q: On the interception, did you see the route breaking off or just read the quarterback?

They were walking it off more than in the early stages of the game. So I just started to watch the quarterback's eyes and broke on the route. It worked out, but wished I could have taken it for six. But we won and that is the most important thing.

Q: What was the crowd like out there today?

Man, in the lights our crowd gets louder than ever. It is like going from 0-60 decibels in 4.2 seconds. They are just amazing every week, but in the lights, man, it's like nothing I have ever heard. We need to turn those things on every week. It is unbelievable and we fed off of it so much.

Q: Did the ability and mobility of Kirsch shock you at all?

No, not really. He just has one quarterback ahead of him that is all. A couple of years ago he came in here and did the same things. Kirsch is a great quarterback, too, so you have to come with it to stop him.

Q: Next week you go to the Metrodome – home of where your team clinched the Big Ten title two years ago. Is that going to be in your head at all?

The only thing that will be in our heads will be winning one at a time. Week by week we play one team and it is from 2004, not 2002.

Chad Greenway

Q: Was this the biggest win of the season for the team today?

Every win is a big win for the team, obviously. It was a team win and each time our defense can play like this, especially our defensive line, it is going to be tough for teams to beat us. That was a key today.

Q: Did the ability of Brandon Kirsch to step in and not miss a beat come as a surprise to you at all?

We knew he could play. He came in here a couple of years ago, and we've seen him on the film. We knew he had the ability to scramble and make some good throws.

Q: Were the blocking schemes of Purdue or the shotgun they used something that confused you at all on defense?

We knew they were going to run that (the shotgun), it was just a matter of stopping it. With the shotgun you will see different blocking. Yes, you see the normal drop pass blocking, but the running back comes more into play. Also, Kirsch was blocking a lot on the edge in case Void had to bounce it out when we plugged the middle up.

Q: Describe was the crowd was like to day.

At night here, it is incredible. For some reason it is something in the water, if you know what I mean. But Kinnick has that something anyway, and if you can get a night game here it is pretty special. It is to our benefit every time.

Q: Are the memories of the Metrodome from 2002 going through your head at all as you look forward to next week?

Different year, different team. But at the same time they will remember us taking the pig (Floyd of Rosedale) and the roses in our mouth from 2002. They will come ready to play, especially coming off two losses in a row. They will be hungry, we just cannot feed them. We are certainly going to get their best effort.

Q: With two games left, what are you feeling about the season?

It is one game at a time, you know that. I know you are a Hawkeye fan, too, man, but also are a realist. We play each game like it is the last. You leave it on the field like that when you move to the next week to a new team and with new effort. We are happy to be in a good spot, but complacency is not something that we will have from a coaching standpoint. If we get these two wins, then we will be happy.

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