Hawk Talk: Jeff Horner

Jeff Horner appeared ready for some competition outside of his Hawkeye teammates before Monday's practice at Carver-Hawkeye: "We've been going at each other for quite a few days now. Not to say that it gets old, but I'm just excited to play someone new." Iowa plays host to Upper Iowa in a Wednesday exhibition.


Are you ready to see somebody else besides your teammates?

Definitely. We've been going at each other for quite a few days now. Not to say that it gets old, but I'm just excited to play someone new.

Coach Alford said he wasn't going to give you guys a scouting report on Upper Iowa because he wants to see how the team reacts. Is that a good test for you guys?

I think so. We just need to focus on going out and playing. In practice, we put some new things in. Some guys are having a little trouble picking it up right away. If coach does that, he let's us go out and play. amd that's what we need to do.

What needs to happen to improve the team's transition game?

We need to get a lot of defensive rebounds. If you get the defensive rebounds, you can go. That will be a key to our victories this year.

You went down on Saturday. What was it, a knee?

I fell on one of the refs. I rolled my ankle over a little bit. It was OK the rest of the game. I've rolled it so many times that I don't really feel it anymore.

Even though Wednesday's starting lineup is being dictated by Adam's injury, is this lineup you guys might use this season?

We used that last year with the exception of Erek being in there at the beginning of the year. Mike and Pierre and I, we're all comfortable playing with each other. We've been playing with each other now for a couple of years. We can have fun with it. We're going to be able to get up and down the floor and run and play good defense.

Does that mean you move more to a shooting guard?

I think so. But if I'm right there and Greg gets the rebound, I'm going to get it and go. It's just great when you have three guards that can play point guard.

How does it work on the other end of the floor?

Mike will probably guard the point guard. I'l lprobably guard more of a two guard, and Pierre will probably guard the three. It's a pretty good defensive lineup.

You guys are aware of Erek's shot blocking ability, but opponents still might not be aware of it. How does that work to your advantage?

That's a good thing for us. If they're not going to be aware of that, they're going to go in there and find out something new. I don't see a lot of people getting shots over Erek.

What does it allow you guys to do in the guard court knowing he's back there?

It allows us to take a lot more chances and get up on somebody. If we get beat, we know he's back there. That will be a key to our fastbreak.

Of the freshmen, who has stood out to you so far?

Carlton played really well on Saturday. He was shooting the ball really well.

Alex Thompson is playing well. He's very steady, very fundamental. Hopefully, he can keep that up.

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