Hawk Talk: Pierre Pierce

Iowa shooting guard Pierre Pierce likes the look of his Hawkeye team as it prepares to open the exhibition season Wednesday against Upper Iowa: "We've all learned to play under coach's system. We know what he wants to do offensively and defensively."


How did you feel you guys looked on Saturday?

We did pretty good. Neither team had very many subs, so guys got a little fatigued down the stretch. It was good for the fans to see what we've got.

How long has this preseason felt?

It's been pretty long. It seems longer than usual for some reason. But I'm just happy we're all getting healthy.

What impresses you about this team?

We've all learned to play under coach's system. We know what he wants to do offensively and defensively. With myself, Greg and Jeff, we've took over as leaders of the team.

What has Coach Neal added?

A lot of experience. He knows a lot about the game. He's a person on the team that everyone has accepted very well. He gets along with everybody, and his knowledge has halped us all out in different ways.

You have NBA inspirations. Has he talked to you about the league, about what it takes to get there?

He really doesn't talk a lot about it. He just counsels me on different things that will help my game out help my game out and the team. There's not been a lot of talk about the NBA or anything. It's just been more trying to help the team win and do whatever I can do to help win.

Your outside shot seemed a little inconsistent Saturday. Do you know what you were doing to cause that?

There were a couple of forced shots that I took. But I'm not really concerned about that. They were mostly good shots.

It seems like you get caught leaning at times.

Yeah. Coach Neal is always on me about being balanced and taking good shots. I think I've gotten a lot better at taling good shots.

What are the keys to getting your transition game going?

It's mostly getting stops. The more stops you get on defense, it fules the offense. When teams score on us, we have a tendency to be slow taking the ball out. The more we get the attitude that if someone scores on us we want to go right back down the floor and score on them, and I think we're starting to do that.

Whathave the freshmen done to impress you?

They've done a great job. They've had a lot of stuff thrown at them, and they've all responded. With our limited numbers, they get a lot of reps.

Anybody jump out at you?

They've all done things in their own way. Seth getting hurt, it's kind of hard to assess him. But Carlton has done a great job with picking up things, and he's been playing well. Alex has really improved on the inside. He's going to be able to come in and help us out and give the bigs a little breather here and there.

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