Schlicher Emerging from Kaeding's Shadow

The following quotes are from Kyle Schlicher

Kyle Schlicher

I feel great, you know, anytime I can help out, that's wonderful. Congrats also to Minnesota on a great game. It's just fortunate that they didn't pull through for them, but it was a very gut wrenching game coming down to those last seconds.

Do you know how the Minnesota kicker feels?

Not exactly yet, but yeah. Definitely I hope he learns from this. I become humble from my misses, so hopefully he'll improve from this.

What was the difference today?

Bradley and hog, Kody Asmus, I couldn't ask for anything more, and the line, I'm pretty sure I thanked everybody coming in, especially David and Kody. They do a spectacular job every time.

Was there any talk about not trying that long field goal after Tate got sacked?

i don't think so. I don't think so. I was warming up pretty well and Coach Ferentz and Coach Erb, they both knew what I was capable of and knew I was confident, and I told them where I wanted the ball to be kicked from, so, thanks to them for the opportunity.

Did you know all of them were good when they left your foot?

Yeah, the first one I knew it was a little close, but if you watch my reaction, you can usually tell if it's going in or not. Right when I looked up, it was going in and I knew it was going in right away.

Talk about the 49 yard field goal

I was told that it hit the net, it cleared by about 10 yards, so I probably could have backed up comfortably another five yards.

Are you aware of how far you kick the ball?

No. You try not to think about that...You kick both the same. You kick a 50 yarder the same you do an extra point, and really my mentality going out there is really I didn't know how far that was. I didn't know how far any of my field goals were. I mean that's kinda my way of performing. It's better not to know how far out you are.

How does it feel to break one of Nate's records (five field goals in a game, a new Iowa record)

It feels great, and with all-due respect to Nate, he's a great guy and actually I'll see him in Iowa City when I get back, but it feels good to do that. Any time you break a record, it's always going to feel good. How many more do I have to go?

Did you know that you broke that record when you did it?

No. Kody Asmus told me. I wasn't aware exactly of what his record was. I knew it was something like four field goals. Something like that. No one was really saying anything after the game. I knew I did something really good.

Did you talk with Nate before the game?

He's back for the bye week. Yeah, I talked to him yesterday. You know it's just 'hey, what's up?'. We're pretty good friends, so there's really not much. In the end, we're competitive. We were competitive kickers, so there's really not much to talk about other than say if I have a question about a miss, and have him look at it, he'll do that. But it was basically just he said to me, 'you're doing a great job this year and keep it up' and he was kind of in a hurry to leave, so that's basically what it was and I was just like 'how are things going?' and he said he's 6 and 3 and stuff like that and other than that, that was it.

Are you two good friends or just acquaintances?

More acquaintances, but there's that…I hope he has the same feelings that I do. I spent two years pretty much copying everything he did, and to me, he's my friend.

I've talked to him on the phone a few times. He usually calls Dave Bradley because they're pretty good friends. They spent four years together. He usually calls him when we're in the hotel and stuff or when he's at home and Dave will tell me that Kaedo said hi. When we're in the hotel, he'll just hand the phone over to me and Kaedo will say 'hey what's up', nothing big. Like I said earlier, it's just hey what's up, how's it going? You're doing great, so are you and keep it up and good luck.

It's not a goal of mine to be better than him. I just try to do my best along with everybody else on the team. The records just come with the whole ride. Breaking the records, kicking the long ones, those are just part of the whole process of playing here. No, it's not my goal.

Was it awkward seeing him?

No. Some guys were talking about heckling him tonight, but no, that's definitely something I'd never do. To me, he's still the all time, you know, I mean he is. Each and every time I go out there, whether it's a kickoff, PAT or field goal, that comfort level just raises up a little bit more. You could say the whole game i was in a zone.

How important was it to have Nate around for your first two years here?

It definitely prepares you I think. Definitely with a kicker like that. How Nate did here, I'm pretty sure before he left, he said me being his backup for the past two yeas would definitely benefit me in a positive way, and it has. And I sucked it all in. Those two years that I had to be his backup, I took it all in, every little detail, every little thing. I sucked it all in. He may not realize that.

Do you feel sorry for Lloyd (Minnesota's kicker)?

I do, but at the same time, sorry man. He's from England, so he's obviously a really good soccer player probably. But I was telling everybody before the field goal, aside from getting everybody to yell at him because he was on our hash, I was telling everybody, everybody was asking me what's Reese Lloyd's kicking style? Is it good? And I said well naturally he kicks the ball like a soccer player, and that tends to make the ball hook to the left a little bit. Right when he kicked it, I knew. I was jumping up and down. I was directly right from him on the sidelines, yelling and screaming. Right when he kicked it, I knew. You could just tell by the rotation of the ball and stuff. He tried to kick it way too hard.

You knew before anyone else?

I think so. I'm pretty sure I started jumping before everybody else. It was one of those things where I was jumping in the air celebrating, but also I was still watching it to see if I should have been jumping or not.

Do you know when you hit a good ball, right when you kick it?

Yeah, right away. The last field goal I kind of celebrated a little bit early, but the ball just hung up there so high, even though it cleared really well, it just didn't look like it was going to get there, and for a second there I kind of paused.

What were the biggest things you took away from Nate?

Oh every aspect. Just having the chance to watch him the past two years was just definitely, from a mental aspect of it, from the technical part of it, every little thing you could think of besides, I think he is a little bit more flexible than I am, that's pretty much it.

Football is year round. I saw him every day. I don't think he knew that I was stalking him, but. Not really, I wasn't really stalking him, but whenever we were at the football complex out there together, I watched every little move that he did, picked up on any little detail that I could. Now, I want to be a leader and I want to be a teacher for everybody else too.

Matt Roth said the other day that you sort of take a little offense at comparisons with Kaeding?

Roth kinda blew it out of proportion a little bit. We like to go to Bob's Your Uncle, and right after they came out with the pizza (named after Nate Kaeding), we went there not knowing the pizza was there, and he stopped in and we sit down and Roth starts looking at the menu and notices the Kaedo pizza and I was thinking, wow, cool, I mean that's pretty cool.

I read it right away to see what was on it and I was like Nate likes onions? That's the kind of reaction I had because I hate onions. Onions and tomatoes and mushrooms. And it's Matt Roth, he's gonna rub everything in possible. You know, he said Schlich, why don't you order the Kaedo pizza? Or another comment that he said was, why don't you complain to the owner and say hey, you should have a Schlich pizza. You know, I mean I just laughed and I just said, sorry I'm not gonna order it, I don't like onions and tomatoes.

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