Offensive Quotebook: Ferentz, Tate, Solomon & More

Brian Ferentz, Drew Tate, James Townsend and Clinton Solomon talk about aspects of Iowa's 29-27 win over Minnesota.

Brian Ferentz

What can you say about the way your fans support your football team?

It's emotional. It is, and I think we have the best fans in the country obviously. Every time we get up here we seem to be able to showcase how great our fans really are. For them to stick around and the way they support us all year and the way they stuck with us through thick and thin this year and then to be able to take that pig around and let them touch it, it was a pretty emotional moment.

How does your football team continue to overcome the odds each and every week?

I think this team has character. We don't have all the prototypical people. We don't have a 6-4 quarterback. We don't have a 300 plus pound average offensive line. And on defense, there was an article in the paper the other day about how oddly thin we are. But the guys have heart, and they all care about winning and care about each other and we have character and I think it showed.

I'll tell you what, there was no doubt in my mind on the sideline our defense was going to come through, and they did.

What were your thoughts before Minnesota lined up to attempt that last field goal?

Obviously you've got to stay positive. It didn't seem to me that he really hit a ball clean all day, and then he kind of did the same thing with that last one. I was actually thinking we'd probably block it because our guys have done an excellent job of getting around the edge and getting their hands on the ball, so I had a feeling we'd block it. He missed it. That's okay with us. Either way it didn't go through the upright and I'm standing here with a smile on my face.

Where do you think you will be playing your bowl game?

I don't know. We'll go wherever they send us, but I think the way we played, we put ourselves in a good position. I think we put ourselves in a good spot. We can get better and we'll worry about the bowl picture next Sunday or next Saturday after the game.

Was it frustrating to maybe leaves some points on the field in the redzone today?

Yeah, it was frustrating, especially when you put the ball on the one-yard line and you can't punch it in, yeah, that's a little frustrating.

Can you talk about the play of Kyle Schlicher?

He got the game ball. He scored a lot of points for us and I'll tell you what, he was great when we needed him. I don't care if he missed all those field goals except that last one. He was great when we needed him. He's a pressure kid. It was a pressure situation and he came through pretty much like Kaedo (Nate Kaeding) I guess. I think he's a good understudy. I think he learned a little something about pressure. Nate was in the building yesterday. He's on his bye week this week. It was great to see him.

Drew Tate

I think we did a lot of good things on offense. I think we converted a lot on third down, which really helped us out. I think we just played well as a unit with two new linemen in there and then Sam going out in the second quarter. I thought we did a great job of staying within each other, playing within each other and just trying to help our defense out and keep them off the field.

The defense played great. They were carrying us the whole year and we knew that with their running backs and coming up here, it was going to be a tough game.

James Townsend on the Iowa fans

They're real loyal to us. As we were walking off, all our teammates were saying, let's go see our fans. I looked around and there were a whole bunch of Iowa fans. They're real loyal.

Clinton Solomon on Drew Tate

When it was 3rd and 12 or whatever, we had to make a play and that's what we did for our team. We've got a great leader and a great quarterback. No. 5, he's a great person. When he finds you, he's going to get you the ball and the only thing you've got to do is make the play and get the yardage, so he's going to get us the ball and we've just got to make plays for him.

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