Olsen Waiting for Call

QB Chris Olsen has been a big story for Hawk fans this past month. With Notre Dame going through struggles at first to land its coach, Chris opened up his recruitment with visits to Iowa and North Carolina State. Now with Tyrone Willingham as Notre Dame's new coach, Chris is just waiting for a call from him before making his final decision.

A lot of times, when new coaches arrived a lot of the old recruits can get lost in the mix. Notre Dame, traditionally at top of recruiting lists, is looking for its next big-time QB. Will Chris Olsen fit that bill under Coach Willingham?

"No, he has not called me yet," Chris said. "I have not been in contact with anyone from Notre Dame since the new hire, but I'm hoping to hear from them sometime this week. It has not really hurt Notre Dame because I'm sure there is a good reason, I'm just going to wait and see about what they decide they want to do with me."

"I don't really know much about Coach Willingham as Stanford did not recruit me. I have heard good things about him as a coach. I think he is a good fit for Notre Dame."

So what does Chris want to hear from Coach Willingham and Notre Dame to assure that is his destination?

"Right now, I have everyone on a level playing field. Notre Dame is not for sure to land my services. If I decide Iowa or North Carolina State are better suited for me, I will go there. I just want to see what direction Coach Willingham has planned for me and the program. Really, I will just be finding out what type of person he is."

Chris had an excellent visit to Iowa City and he knows that playing time could happen at Iowa a lot faster than other places. What has Iowa been doing to try and overcome the tradition of Notre Dame?

"I called them last Friday to talk about the Alamo Bowl and everything. I spoke to Coach Ferentz, O'Keefe, and Philbin, who has been my recruiter. They just keep telling me that Iowa is a program on the rise and I'm going to have a good opporunity to play early. They let me know that I'm going to succeed at Iowa."

Well, Chris is yet another prospect that took in the action of the Alamo Bowl. Like many prospects, this was also his first chance to watch the Hawks this year. What were his intial thoughts?

"I thought they played well. The QB played well, but they struggled a bit in converting field goals into touchdowns. I was impressed and thought it was a good performance. It's the same offense we run in high school. Now I'll just have to see what type of offense Notre Dame plans to run in the future."

Iowa is looking to have a very strong month this January, much like last year. Chris Olsen would certainly be a prospect that could help take this class to another level. Will he choose the great surroundings in Iowa City and possible early playing time over the great tradition of Notre Dame? Only time will tell!

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