Greenway Talks About NFL, Wisconsin

NFL Draft Analysts have thrown the name of Iowa junior LB Chad Greenway into the mix of possible early entrees into the 2005 selection process. Greenway talked about the possibility of leaving early on Tuesday. He also discussed this weekend's matchup with rival Wisconsin and gave his thoughts on who might be the Big Ten Coach of the year. Read all about it in this premium Q&A.

Have you thought about the NFL?

Who wouldn't want to be in that situation? At the same time, I love my teammates here and I want to finish up at Iowa.

Have you thought about the possibility of leaving after this year on any level?

You guys know the way that I think. That's really not my style. That's kind of a selfish way of thinking, in my eyes, to think ahead for my future. We need to think of the future of the team at this point. The future of this team is me staying here and playing another year. That's what I want to do.

I know Gallery set up an insurance deal. When do you start looking at that?

I'm unaware of a lot of the things. Coach does a good job of keeping those people away from us and keeping us isolated so we can focus on what we need to focus on. There's a time and a place for that. I'll find out when that is.

I don't want to push you Chad, but there's no scenario that would keep you from coming back, like say it looked like you were a first-round lock?

I have a lot to learn. I've played pretty well, but I don't think that I've played my best football. I have a lot to learn at the college level. Some day I hope to play at the next level, but I have a lot to prove.


Do you look at it as being one way or the other, Wisconsin coming in here off of a tough loss or if they had been undefeated?

We kind of would have liked to have been that one loss. You know, if they came in here undefeated and we had a chance to ruin their party.

But at the same time, if you have a team coming in here undefeated, you have a lot more confident team not really needing to answer any questions. This week, they have to answer a few questions.

They're obviously one of the most talented teams that we've faced this year. It's going to be a tough challenge for us. But it might be better to get them off of a loss.

Coach Alvarez talked about one of his teams being in the run for the Big Ten title on the final Saturday had another team lost. They found out before they played that the team won, and the Badgers ended up playing flat. Do you guys worry about the same thing happening?

In the situation this week, it's the same for both teams. If Michigan wins, it's going to be a pretty flat game.

But no, I don't expect that at all. We're going to try to win this game. They're going to come in here with a mindset that they want to beat us. We got them the last couple of years.

This is a rivalry. We've got another traveling trophy to play for. That's huge.

Are you surprised that there hasn't been a trophy to this point in this series?

I am kind of surprised. Minnesota is a good rivalry. But with Wisconsin there's kind of the same thing going on. It's a border war just like the other trophy we have.

What would happen during warmups if they put up a final score that Ohio State has beaten Michigan?

Both teams will be playing for a Big Ten title then. Both of us are going to be pretty excited for that opportunity. I don't think that it's going to change how we play. Both teams are going to go out there and play as hard as we can on every play. May the best team win.

Who is the Coach of the Year in the Big Ten?

There are a lot of guys that you can make a case for. Lloyd Carr of Michigan has obviously done a nice job being in position to win back to back outright Big Ten Championships. Our coach has done a pretty good job when you consider the rough spots he's been given this year.

Coach Alvarez at Wisconsin, they've had as good a year as anybody. Coach Walker at Northwestern. There's a lot of good coaches. There are a lot of teams that have made some headway this year which maybe you didn't expect them to do.

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