Hawks Win Ugly

Iowa won a basketball game last night 70-60 against Northwestern that was not exciting or fun to watch. Frustrating may be the appropriate word to describe what our eyes were seeing on the Carver-Hawkeye floor. However, any win in the Big Ten counts the same in the final standings so let's just call this a 'W' and move on to bigger and better things.

The bakery shop was open at Carver-Hawkeye Arena on Wednesday night as the Hawk made 22 turnovers. This duplicated their season high pastry performance at Ohio State last Saturday night. However, last night the Hawks added some frosting with a torrid shooting performance.

The Hawks shot 60 per cent from the field against the Big Ten's number one ranked defense.

Northwestern makes you play their slow down, pass the No Doz, game that frustrates teams into making errors. The inside players at Iowa were responsible for losing the ball 15 times. Mr. Deuce-Deuce, Reggie Evans almost had an unwanted triple double last night as he committed 7 turnovers while scoring 21 points and garnering 11 rebounds. Glen Worley lost the ball 6 times but he was perfect shooting from the field and the line.

"Most of our turnovers are coming from post play," said Iowa head coach Steve Alford. "We've got to really work on that, because obviously, we want to get the ball inside."

Luke Recker had a stellar shooting performance including being a perfect 4 for 4 from three point land. Luke recorded 20 points without ever going to the free throw line.

This 70-60 victory over Northwestern is in the rear view mirror while the Indiana Hoosiers are visible through the windshield. Steve Alford's alma mater is 3-0 in the Big Ten and will be fired up for the nationally televised game at High Noon on Sunday.

"Sunday's going to be fun," Alford said. "It's noon. National TV. CBS."

"You've got the first-place team coming in here at 3-0. We're 2-1. This is the team we beat in the title game of the Big Ten Tournament. So this is what it's all about."

Iowa fans need to help the Hawks repel the red invader on our cherished court on Sunday. Coach Alford requests that everyone is there early. So be bold in your black and gold and be loud and proud for this crucial Big Ten game. As coach Alford said "This is what you play the game for."

See you there on Sunday!

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