Big Ten Champs Post Game: Hodge & Luebke

Big Ten Champs have happy post game thoughts.

Abdul Hodge

This Big Ten championship thing is old hat to you, right?

Nah, man. It feels great and it will feel great tomorrow. A lot of hard work and effort went into this.

The team had a lot of nay sayers and doubters in the national media. What do you say to them?

We have a great group of coaches and a great program. We have won two titles in three years, so we have a lot to look forward to. I hope no one will sleep on us anymore. After we were 2-2, I did not think about this. We were looking to get better and a team and win it won game at a time.

You get to go home and play a football game again.

Yes, I will have a lot of family and friends there. It is always exciting to play for my family or friends when they come to the games.

Is it almost like being in your own back yard?

In a way, yes. I just hope the rest of these guys come to play with me. When you are growing up and playing back yard games you never want to lose. I do not think they want the neighborhood bully to come visit them after that game.

So you are saying we are going to win?

I am saying we are going to be prepared to win from a coaching standpoint and player standpoint. We just need to go out and take it one play at a time and execute.

Tyler Luebke

What is it like to be a Big Ten champion…yet again?

It is pretty cool, man. There is nothing like this feeling in the world and I do not even know what I am feeling. The first one was special this one might be more special.

As a senior, this has to be a nice going out party to win your last game at Kinnick?

I knew it was going to be special. If it turned out the other way it would not be any fun for the next month. We had to come out on top and got the job done. We put it great effort and preparation.

So, explain to us why you think Kinnick is being renovated even when the team has now won 18 consecutive games here?

It is nice here and got to keep the inside the same. It is going to be a better place for the fans and the teams. The locker rooms will be bigger and give us more room to do our stuff. The experience of Kinnick will be that much more pleasant.

Does this hat (B10 Champs hat) help things settle in?

Not yet but probably next week sometime. Man, I cannot even begin to think what just happened out there. I think every person in the crowd was on that field today.

You won the "Bull Trophy", how special is that?

Oh, is this the first time we played for it? It was a "W", we won the game. So, I guess the bull is ours. We have a bull and a pig, I think a dog might be next. I am excited to go to some warm weather and find it.

I just heard Abdul throw the gauntlet down to the defense about playing in his backyard. Nobody comes in his backyard and pushes him around.

We will not disappoint. We know the importance of the game and will go out there and win no matter what. Abdul is an animal on the field so I do not think we have any problems.

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