Big Ten Champs Post Game: Considine & Simmons

Sean Considine and Marques Simmons talk about Iowa's win over Wisconsin.

Sean Considine

What is it like to get a 9 wins in a season when you once stood at 2-2?

It's a pretty awesome feeling. To be where we are now when you see where we were is incredible. All the credit goes to the coaching staff. Coach Ferentz does the best job and making you understand 24 hours is all you have to cry or laugh about a game. You get that time and move on. Each week we moved on, especially the last seven.

What was said at halftime?

The halftime speech was nothing different from what we hear every week. It was that we need to go out there and play tough and smart. Coach wanted us to play physical and we have the last six, now seven weeks.

Were you aware of Ohio State beating Michigan, and the fact you could tie for the Big Ten crown?

I remember seeing it on the scoreboard, but no one talked about it. Everyone pretty well knew that Michigan got upset during the second quarter of the game.

What is it like as a senior to go out like this?

I mean, come on, you play here it is something out of a Disney movie. I have been living a fairy tale since I got here. It is unreal that we won the Big Ten title two years ago and people thought it was a fluke. Now here I am a senior and we do it again. This program is the best around. The fluke is no longer an answer being used. We proved ourselves again and people are talking about us.

When did you think about winning the Big Ten title?

For the first time? Probably in the fourth quarter today.

Marcus Simmons

What was it like to get back out on the field?

It feels great. This right now cannot be described. At the beginning of the year we were getting doubted by a lot of people, but we proved them to not doubt the Hawkeyes. If you sleep on us, believe me, the tooth fairy will pay you a visit. But you are not going to get any money, you get to meet our team instead. That is not fun right now.

Is it fun to get a Big Ten title?

We knew Wisconsin was going to bounce back and had a lot of things to prove. The coaches stressed all week that we need to play each play, play each play. We did that after about the middle of the first quarter. I mean, think about it. We are a pretty good football team.

What was it like working out this week to see if the ankle was ready to go?

I have been working out for about two weeks. Last week it just did not feel right. The cutbacks were just not happening. I just laid low and relaxed it. I ran around on Sunday some and it felt good. Then through the week it gradually progressed.

Did Wisconsin show over pursuit tendencies on film, because most of your yards came on the cut back.

Yes, they over pursue a lot. They have an NFL front four according to ESPN, so we knew they would bring it to us. We saw things all week. You just push your hole and if it is plugged you can pretty count on a cut back run being there for five yards or more. They key is timing and setting them up. Give the line some credit; they did a great job opening holes and zone blocking.

How exciting is it to be playing in a bowl game on January 1 again?

I am excited to be playing in a bowl game. I am excited to be playing for a Big Ten champion. After all I have had to deal with the past couple of years this is pretty special for me. I finally needed some good luck and good things to happen. I am proud of my team right now.

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