Ryan Bain Comments on Official Iowa Visit

Ryan Bain was an official guest of the University of Iowa football program on Saturday, and he was able to witness the Hawkeyes clinch their second Big Ten Championship in the last three seasons. Though not an outwardly excitable person by nature, Bain said that he had a great visit to Iowa, and he spoke about those aspects with us, including his thoughts on riding the team bus from Cedar Rapids as well as meeting with Kirk Ferentz.

Q: What were your impressions of Iowa City and the madness that took place on the field after Iowa clinched the Big Ten championship?

It was real cold during the game. I should be used to that weather, being from Chicago, but it was cold. But I was still watching the game closely. I thought Iowa dominated Wisconsin, and their fan support is crazy.

Q: Were your sort of forced to go out on the field, or did you hang back and just observe things?

I kind of hung back, but we (recruits) sit right down on the field. I don't get too excited about things unless I am playing in a game. I sit back and just watch things. That is how I am on all of my trips. People might look at that as me not having a good time, but that is not true.

I didn't even go out with the players this weekend, because I have a (wrestling) meet on Wednesday. I wake up at 6am, so if I don't make sure to get my rest, I wont get it during the week. I firmly believe in getting eight hours of sleep each night, because if I don't, I will be exhausted for my match on Wednesday. You can't catch up on sleep.

Even though I didn't stay out late, I was able to see a lot. I felt that the people of Iowa City are just great and the town is great. They have a great time there, especially after a big win like that. I had a really good trip.

Q: I know that you were able to be with the players the morning of the game in Cedar Rapids, and you bussed in with them to Kinnick Stadium. What kind of an experience was that?

It was crazy. They (the defense) watch a highlight film before the game. Like I said, I don't get too excited unless I am playing in a game, but they had some nice hits on that film. Getting to the game with the police escort was really cool, even though I was not playing. I felt like a part of it when I was on the bus. I felt that was a great deal.

Do you think that the coaches that are recruiting you respect your even keeled approach to the recruiting process, and a strong work ethic in all sports? Is that what they see in you, do you think?

I am not sure how you take it as a coach; when I just don't get excited unless I am a part of that team. As of now, I am not a part of the Hawkeye football program. I very well could be some day, but I just kind of sit back and think about things. I don't want to get excited about one school and not get excited about the other, and then I end up going to the school that I didn't get excited about.

To me, I am not a part of a team yet. I am still going through the recruiting process and am unsure of the school that I will go to, so if I go to Iowa, I will say that I will hate Wisconsin, Minnesota and Purdue. So I don't want to get excited about those schools if in a year, I am going to hate those schools.

Q: So are you saying that you are the same on all of your visits?

Yeah, but I am enjoying myself too.

Q: You sat near Jake Christensen during the game, and you have played against him and have gotten to know him a little bit. Does knowing that he is coming to Iowa factor into your decision in anyway?

Jake is a winner and that is a plus. He is the quarterback who will lead the team after Drew Tate is gone, and that is good to know. It's good to know somebody that you can count on. I will play with him in the all star game in San Antonio.

Q: Did you have a chance to meet with Kirk Ferentz on Sunday morning and if so, is he what you expected him to be?

He is everything that people say; no one is lying when they talk about him. It's hard to believe that that is the way it is, but it is. Their entire coaching staff is phenomenal, from Kirk, to my position coach to the strength coach. They are just good people.

Q: What kind of player are you?

We will have to see when I get to college. I can't compare myself to other people. I am mild mannered, and the only reason why you would think I play football, is because I am big. But on game day, I don't know, I am just not the same person that people see at other times. I have a different feeling and outlook on things when I am getting ready for a game; everything turns into football.

Bain said that he has one more official visit to take this year, and that is to Minnesota.

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