Bielema Departs Hawkeye Program

In frustrating news for Hawk fans today, Coach Bret Bielema has decided to accept a Co-Defensive Coordinator job at Kansas State alongisde former Hawkeye Defensive Coordinator, Bob Elliot. In what will be a considered an upgrade for Coach Bielema, it still strikes many Hawk fans as disappointing.

The announcement came today from Coach Bielema after he spent two days in Manahattan, KS touring the Kansas State facilites and speaking to Coach Synder and Elliot.

Coach Bielema will become the Co-Defensive Coordinator at Kansas State, after serving six seasons as linebacker coach at Iowa. Bielema, a former Hawkeye co-captain, will always remain a Hawk to many Hawk fans and himself.

It will remain to be seen how this move will effect recruiting, but many of the prospects choose Iowa because of the program, not the coach. The three prospects that the staff will work hard with concerning this move will be Edmond Miles, Brandon White, and Jerramy Scott. With Iowa being the leader for all three, Coach Ferentz will work very hard to keep that status with the trio.

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