Manson Ready for Visit

QB Jason Manson has seen schools come and go throughout the recruiting process. Iowa was a school that came on early, backed off a little, and now has once again come on very strong after viewing Jason's senior tapes. Jason will be visiting the Hawkeyes on the 18th, is there a chance he could be a Hawkeye on the visit?

Kirk Ferentz has made it public that the staff desires a mobile QB. With the Hawks signing two QB's that are mobile, but better fit the pocket passer type QB, it appears the staff is now ready to find it a QB that is a double threat with the run and pass. The top target at this time looks to be 6'1 175 QB Jason Manson from Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Yes, Iowa has had success in Bloomfield before. Coach O'Keefe and staff landed RB Jermelle Lewis in 99', who was regarded as the sixth best running back in the country.

"Jermelle was very good in high school," Jason said. "I think he'll be a great college player if he gets his academics together. He was at the school over break, but I did not get to talk to him. It will help Iowa's chances with him being out there since I'll know someone. I won't know if distance affects me or not until I make the visit."

Jason has seen a lot of schools come after him early and then back off, including Wisconsin and Maryland.

"Wisconsin told me they were only going to take one QB in this class. They wanted me to commit early, but I did not want to so they ended up getting a commitment from another QB. Then, they wanted me to play another position, and I want to play QB. This was the same scenario with Maryland, also."

So what other schools are currently after Jason?

"I visited UCONN on the 14th of December. It was a good visit. They are an upcoming program and I want to help get it turned around. I know I can get early playing time there."

The same can be said for Iowa, only that Jason would get the chance to play for a more prestigous school.

"Iowa was not recruiting me very hard earlier this fall as I thought they dropped off. Then I got a call after they saw my senior film and I guess that I moved up on their list. I'm going to visit on the 18th. I know Iowa made a bowl game so they are getting better, but I did not get to watch it."

Notre Dame was also a school looking at Jason before the coaching change.

"Notre Dame recently sent me a letter. I will have to see if the new coaching staff gets a hold of me as they were calling a lot earlier. There old Offensive Coordinator went to Virginia Tech so they have started to recruit me. They are suppose to call this week, and might offer. I could take a visit there on the 25th if I decide I want to."

"I'm ready to get this over with though as I know some schools have already burned me by taking away my offer. I know that I'm doing the right thing by checking out my options, but I'm ready to settle on a school, too."

Jason is the double-threat QB that the staff hopes to sign in this class. Jason's visit to Iowa City will determine just how quickly he will make his decision. Will the Hawkeyes provide him enough comfort that he will be ready to settle in the midwest?

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