Reunited: Haluska, Eustachy Together Again

A year and half after their relationship ended at Iowa State, Adam Haluska and Larry Eustachy find themselves on different teams in this weekend's Hawkeye Challenge. Eustachy coaches Southern Mississippi after being dismissed by the Cyclones for off of the court issues. Haluska now dons the Black and Gold of Iowa. The sophomore was swarmed by the media on Thursday at Carver-Hawkeye. Read what he had to say about his former coach and their reunion in this premium Q&A.


What is going through your mind about a potential matchup Saturday night with your former coach?

I haven't really thought too much about it. I'm mainly trying to keep focused on Friday. We've got to get a win just to get there on Saturday. Nothing is a given. We're prepping for (Centenary) right now. They're really athletic. They have some good players. So, nothing is a given. Hopefully on Friday we can get a win.

Have you talked to Larry since he left?

I haven't talked to him since May when he left. We had a team meeting, and like two days later he got fired.

Do you have a desire to play them on Saturday?

I don't know. It doesn't matter to me really. We want to win this tournament. That's the big thing. That's the most important thing.

I can't be planning ahead and looking at every game we're not even playing in.

How are things different when you were at Iowa State practice wise to where you are at now?

Overall, I'm enjoying the game a lot more. I'm having a lot more fun out there, and I'm learning a lot of different things. I'm liking the system. Coach Alford and his staff have been great to me.

What are the differences in practice?

The mentality overall; just kind of the upbeat atmosphere here in this program. At Iowa State, maybe some guys held their heads a little low. Practices were long and grueling. But over here, we're doing some of the same things that we did at Iowa State.

When did you notice that you might have a chance to face Coach Eustachy?

Right when everything came out. A lot of people started talking about it, the media in particular. (laughter) I found out right away, right when it was scheduled.

What about facing Iowa State next week? Is that going to be a weird feeling for you?

It will be a weird feeling just because that's where I used to play. That's the jersey I used to wear. I try not to keep thinking ahead of what's to come. We've got a lot of tough games. UNI is playing really well right now. We've got to go one game at a time.

Chances are good that you'll run into Coach Eustachy this weekend even if you don't play them. Do you have an idea what you might say to him?

A lot of people think that Larry and I left on a bad note. We really didn't. I was talking to him right up until the end when he left. I've never had a problem with him. I've always gotten along with him, and my family has, too. I respect Coach Eustachy.

We'll see how it goes. I don't know what's going to happen. I'll definitely greet him and say hello and wish him luck.

He'll say something funny. You know that.

Yeah. He's that type of guy.

But there's a perception that we had a fall out, which never happened.

He's wearing sports coats now on the sidelines?

Is he? He doesn't have that mock turtle neck going on? (Laughter)

He's flying, too.

He didn't like flying. That was the truth. Flying wasn't a big thing for him.

That one year you were there, was there ever a sense that things weren't quite right, that he was having some off of the court problems?

I think he kept it pretty personal. I don't think that a lot of players really knew what was going on. But when it all kind of hit and crashed in the end, we all felt pretty bad. A lot of peope were there for support. Hopefully everything is going right in his life, and he's getting things turned around.

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