Brandon Harrison Has Great Visit to Iowa

<p>The Iowa Hawkeyes hosted one of the nations premier cornerbacks, Brandon Harrison, this weekend. Originally committed to the Fighting Irish, Harrison has now reopened his recruitment. After his visit to Iowa this weekend, have the Hawks made a move past Notre Dame?

For any teenager, it is a special moment in time when you are recognized for your good efforts. Brandon Harrison knew how badly the Iowa Hawkeye coaching staff coveted his services at cornerback, but he had no idea he would see the same reaction among the Hawkeye student body.

"During the second half of the basketball game, the students started chanting my name," said Harrison. "It was wild as I didn't even think they would know who I was. The entire atmosphere there was great."

Harrison followed up last evening with an early morning breakfast at Coach Ferentz's house before departing for home at 10:30 a.m.

"Coach Ferentz just put the entire weekend into perspective," Harrison said. "He told me that I could come in there and play right away, and also be a three year starter. There are many ways they would like to use me, including as a kick and punt returner. He told me the university has a hometown feeling and that everyone is passionate about their Hawkeye football."

For the past few years behind Coach Ferentz, the second most popular name in the Jacobsen Building has seemed to be strength and conditioning coach, Chris Doyle.

Harrison would not argue with that assessment, either.

"Another factor that really swayed me was the strength and conditioning program at Iowa. From all the other programs I've checked out, I've never seen or heard about a program like the one Coach Doyle runs. Just the examples of what he has done with players was amazing, and I know I could vastly improve under his system," stated Harrison.

Academics were also stressed to Harrison, who was informed he will have an opportunity to receive a certificate in entrepreneurship.

"I want to study entrepreneurship, and they showed me that I can earn a certificate. Really, I just want the opportunity to play and at the same time win games. Iowa is the Big Ten champions, can offer early playing time and develop me to my full potential," stated Harrison.

Harrison, who was hosted by Jovon Johnson, also spent a good amount of time with running back prospect Corey Robertson. All in all, Harrison admits he nearly became a Hawkeye this weekend.

"I'd give the visit a 10 out of 10 as I just loved it there," added Harrison. "It was a good enough visit where I could have committed, but my father really wanted me to take a visit to Michigan, who called me before I got back today. I believe I'm going to visit Michigan this upcoming weekend, and I will make a decision after that. Right now, although everything else is up in the air, you can say Iowa is a definite leader."

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