All American Receiver Showing Interest in Iowa

The hard and cold facts about football recruiting is this; one team's loss might be another's gain. This season has seen several high-profile coaching vacancies, perhaps none more visible as Notre Dame's decision to termine Ty Willinham after three seasons. Iowa has already received one unexpected visitor in Brandon Harrison, and they might be getting another in the form of All American WR David Nelson of Wichita Falls, Texas. Hawkeye fans will be quite interested in what Nelson has to say.

The world of college football is quite fluid. Things can and do change all of the time.

Iowa fans were elated last month when their head coach, Kirk Ferentz, signed a contract extension through 2012.

Across the rest of the college football landscape, Iowa fans read about coaching changes at Florida, Mississippi and BYU, among other schools. Plus, Notre Dame's decision to fire Ty Willingham after just three seasons.

That decision has opened up a few recruiting doors for schools around the country, and Iowa is no exception.

Iowa hosted highly touted cornerback Brandon Harrison this weekend, and he was a one time Notre Dame commit.

The Hawkeyes are getting into the mix with another Notre Dame commit, wide receiver David Nelson of Texas.

"My dad is best friends with Corey Robertson's dad and Corey and I are also good friends. He was in my football districts and we played against each other a few times." Nelson said Sunday night.

"The Robertson's went up there for a visit this weekend and they told the Iowa coaches that I had been considering checking out Iowa now with the situation at Notre Dame. Coach (Ron) Aiken gave me a call today and was telling me a little bit about their program and seeing if I had any interest in them and just getting down the basics."

Nelson is a big target, at 6-feet-4, 200-pounds. He had more than 1,000 yards receiving as a junior.

The conversations he had with the Robertson's has led to his renewed interest in Iowa, given the uncertain situation at Notre Dame.

"Back when Drew Tate was at Baytown, I used to watch him. He set all kinds of records here in Texas. Plus, they have that tall receiver from Southlake Carroll. They like to use the tall receivers from what I know of them, and Coach Ferentz is a great coach. They are on top of the pack every year." Nelson said.

"I was definitely interested in Iowa before I committed, and now that they are calling me again with my situation and a lot of the guys I know might end up there, it just makes them real attractive."

Texas is not exactly right next door to Iowa, but as Nelson has illustrated, Lone Star State preps stay up to date on one another, and he is aware of the recent Texas to Iowa pipeline.

"I am just curious about them. This is the first time I have talked with Coach Aiken. I had just gotten letters from them, but they dropped off after I committed. Now he is coming in on Tuesday to visit me." Nelson said.

"I have heard a lot of good things about them, I have watched them on TV every once in a while, I know a lot about their players and have heard a lot about their head coach. Right now, I am just curious. I have never been up to Iowa City before, so I want to see what is going on in that program."

"So we talked about a visit, and part of my curiosity has me wanting to get up there. I spoke with Corey Robertson's dad, and he was telling me that it is a special place, so when Coach Aiken comes here Tuesday, we are going to try and schedule a visit for the 17th of December."

With his size and abilities, we asked him if there are any NFL receivers that might come to mind when he sizes up his game.

"I don't try to emulate anyone, but someone that I would compare myself to is Randy Moss. Just his intensity and feels that every ball in the air is his. So I try to be as physical as I can be, and being a big target, go down the field and anytime the ball is in the air, you have the mindset that you have to get that ball."

One thing that every standout wide receiver is interested in is the quarterback situation at the schools he considers. Nelson, who will be participating in the US Army All American game on January 15th, is very aware of the situation at Iowa.

"Jake Christensen was one of the topics of my conversation with Coach Aiken." Nelson said. "One of the things I look for in a school is if they are going to have someone that can get me the ball. Obviously Drew Tate is a great quarterback, but he won't be there all four years that I will be there."

"Coach Aiken told me that Jake is taking his official this coming weekend, but that they might also be in town on the 17th when I am there, so we can visit with each other. I have heard a lot about him.

As for where Notre Dame stands in his mind, Nelson says he is still committed…but…

"Right now I am still committed to Notre Dame. I am playing in the US Army All American game. What I am trying to do, since their coaching situation right now is pretty screwed up, they don't know when they are going to get a new coach. I don't want to wait for the beginning of January for them to hire a new coach and then they bring in someone that I don't agree with or someone that I might not like." Nelson said.

"So the All Star game is in January, then signing day in early February. I am real short on time right now, especially with basketball, so I am trying to get my visits in now so that in case they bring in someone I don't like, I will announce at the Army All Star game if I do decide to decommit from Notre Dame."

In addition to Iowa and Notre Dame, Nelson said that he has interest in Florida, Kansas State, Texas A&M and "maybe Nebraska."

To see video's of Nelson, CLICK HERE

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