December Surprise: Iowa to Host Texas Prep

We'd like to say that we have been sitting on this story for the past five months, but that is not the truth. The truth is that it's shocking to tell a recruit's story for the first time in December when he has had an Iowa offer since June. But in the case of this prospect, this is indeed the case. We know that you have not heard his story, so you will not want to miss this interview, as he will be in Iowa City this weekend and he might well be a future Hawkeye.

Carl Jackson is not just any other college assistant coach in the state of Texas, especially in the Port Arthur and Copperas Cove areas.

You can't look past the success Iowa has had in recruiting the area, as Howard Hodges, Jonathan Babineaux, Aaron Mickens, and Jermire Roberts have been outstanding contributors to the Iowa football program. Well, when it comes to the Class of 2005, Iowa will try to once again go back to the Copperas Cove well.

Enter Roberto Davis, a 6-foot-4 255-pound lineman who has been timed at 4.8 in the forty yard dash.

"Coach Jackson has been tremendous in recruiting me," said Davis. "He has gotten me so excited about the visit this weekend just because of how much I truly learned from him about the University of Iowa in talking to him all these months."

Yes, that is right Hawkeye fans, Coach Jackson has spoken with Roberto Davis once a week for several weeks now.

"Iowa actually offered me a scholarship last June," continued Davis. "Coach Jackson has called me every week this fall, and we set-up my official visit at some point during the middle of this season. They were just impressed with my film after watching it."

Davis even admits that he began to research Iowa before the offer due to listening to the advice of Copperas Cove head coach Jack Welch, the former head man at Louisiana Tech. Coach Welch informed him to make sure he was well versed on all the schools he was hearing from in order to make the most informed decision when the time came.

"I knew about the success they had been having along the offensive in producing Robert Gallery and a few others playing in the NFL right now. They are a good academic school, and really I'm just excited to get up there and check them out now," Davis said.

While Roberto has informed readers to this point on his thoughts of Coach Jackson, will now bring to your attention why Iowa decided to offer him last June.

"Coach Jackson told me there are a lot of great linemen who can't move their feet very well. Well, he said I could be a great lineman who does move his feet well. They like my overall athleticism, the way I move, the use of my hands, and my extension," stated Davis.

Iowa Tight Ends Coach and Recruiting Coordinator Eric Johnson made his way by the school on Monday and he spoke with Roberto.

"He asked me if I was ready to give them a commitment today, and I responded that I was not ready," added Davis, who has also been projected as a defensive lineman by some schools. "He said that when I meet with Coach Kirk Ferentz at the end of my visit this weekend that he will be offering me the same opportunity."

Iowa originally toyed around with the idea of recruiting Davis as a defensive lineman. That didn't make it too far, though, after Coach Ferentz decided Davis was a future offensive tackle.

"I've spoken to Coach Ferentz three or four different times. He has told me each time how much he likes me as an offensive lineman, and how he would like me to be a part of the program. He said he really liked my film, and that I fit the type of offensive lineman he likes to have in his program."

Davis has heard nothing but glowing reports about Coach Ferentz, especially from Iowa staff members.

"Coach Ferentz is a former offensive line coach in the pro's, and he coached for a few different teams," Davis said. "Coach Jackson told me he is one of the best in the business, and he really spends time working with the offensive line. He actually gets down to show you what to do, going through it step by step, and making sure you are doing all the fundamentals correctly."

Davis is also very appreciative of the coaching he has received at Copperas Cove, especially from line coaches Tracey Raines and Vance McAnally. He even cited the two as the best he could have imagined working with to this point in his life.

Now, it comes down to the real question: Is there a possibility he could give Coach Ferentz a verbal commitment when he is asked for it?

"I'm not ruling anything out to this point, but I would like to take an official visit to Kansas, which I have scheduled for December 17th," stated Davis. "If I were to make a commitment, it wouldn't happen until I could at least come home to talk it over with my mother."

The Jayhawks, along with North Texas State, are Davis' only offers to this point. He has also received calls on a weekly basis from Oklahoma State, Colorado, Texas Tech, and TCU.

"Kansas just offered me two weeks ago. They said they want me to come in and play tackle as they feel I move well enough to block the big boys in the Big 12. They said they've seen my film, and think that I have great footwork and overall athleticism," concluded Davis

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