Williams Nearing Tough Decision

Iowa is still on the market for playmakers at the wide receiver position, and Ray Williams is one of the best candidates to fill that position. Ray has now completed four visits, including a late December visit to Iowa City, and now hopes to sit down this week to make his decision. Could the Hawks be the winner for his services?

Ray Williams is one of the top athletes on the east coast. While Iowa has two commitments at WR and is looking very good with Brandon White, the defensive backfield is not looking as strong right now. However, to describe Ray's talents, the staff has no hesitation in setting their determination in having Ray as a WR in a Hawkeye uniform.

Ray visited Purdue this past weekend, who had somewhat been rumored a slight favorite.

"Yeah, the visit was good," Ray said. "I would say the atmosphere was different, but it is different on all of the visits. All of my visits were very good and I did not really come out with a favorite."

So was there anything that stood out on Ray's visit to Iowa City?

"I think Freddie Russell was probably the coolest host I had on my visits. He was a very cool guy and man, is he fast. Iowa City was a lot better than I originally thought. I liked the women in Iowa City, too."

Ray currently has his list down to Iowa, Purdue, Virginia, and North Carolina. However, Ray has not ruled out a fifth visit.

"I hope to sit down this week with my coach and make a decision. I know Coach Ferentz and Philbin are stopping by the house tonight. Purdue is coming by on Thursday, I believe, and I'm sure Virginia and UNC will come by. It is going to be a very tough decision so a fifth visit could end up being best for me if I do not have it all figured out this week."

So is there anything in the back of Ray's mind that can help fans get a better indication of where Ray will choose?

"I do want to get away from my area. Purdue and Iowa are further away. I like the Big Ten better than the ACC and I want to play in a wide open offense."

From those statemnts, you would have to believe that Iowa and Purdue may stand out a little bit right now. However, recruiting is wacky at times like these so you never know if UNC or Virginia could creep up. Coach Ferentz will have the first crack at things tonight, and he is one of the best in handling in-home visits.

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