Hester: Speed Makes Up for Lack of Size

One of the primary wide receiver targets for the Iowa Hawkeyes this fall has been Belle Glade Central's Jessie Hester, who will be making his official visit to Iowa on December 17th. A hot topic has been whether Hester's size and body would allow him to hold up through the rigorous Big Ten Conference schedule. While Hester has not yet decided on what league he will play in, he knows his speed more than anything will overcome any size issues.

When you think about Jessie Hester, you take a look at his height and weight right off the bat.

"I'm 5'11.5 and 168 pounds right now," Hester said.

Hester believes he will be reporting a different size when he asked again in four years.

"I believe I will at least be weighing around 185, but will I ever be able to get too much above that," said Hester. "I don't think I ever could, but I know a lot of guys weighing 190 and less having successful NFL careers like Santana Moss."

To this point, Hester has not let his size affect him.

"I'm not too worried about adding size to my frame right now because I feel it will slow me down. I might be smaller than everyone else, but I'm also faster than everyone else," stated Hester.

Iowa Hawkeye defensive back Coach Phil Parker made his way through Belle Glade High School last week where he directly asked Hester to identify his own strengths and weaknesses.

"I told him straight up that my weakness is the fact I'm smaller than everyone else, but I said he will not find any other receiver that can outrun me," continued Hester. "He also asked me for my personality traits and wanted to know if I was a worker and wanted to achieve."

Ohio State called Hester just two shorts weeks ago and expressed interest, but other than that, Iowa has been the only school calling Hester this month.

"I really don't know why other schools aren't showing me interest when two of the top Big Ten programs are, but I don't let it worry me. Some schools may have seen my name listed initially, and thought I was going to follow my father's footsteps to Florida State, or they just don't think I'm big enough."

That will only provide a chip on Hester's shoulder, which is exactly the type of football player Hawk fans have seen succeed in the Iowa program under Coach Kirk Ferentz.

Hester will make his official visit to Iowa City on December 17th, but he says do not expect a commitment no matter how well things go.

"Iowa is the top school on my list right now, and they have stuck with me the entire time. I just don't want to rush anything, though, and I know if Iowa truly wants me they will stick it out with me to when I'm ready to pull the trigger," concluded Hester.

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