Yet Another New Name: TX DT Justin Collins

Just when everyone had their Christmas recruiting lists all figured out this year, provides you with the fourth new recruiting target of the week. There is yet another new name arriving into town this coming weekend, and unlike Roberto Davis, this prospect is an interior lineman on the other side of the ball.

Iowa Hawkeye defensive line coach Ron Aiken enjoyed Jonathan Babineaux so much this fall that he decided he needed to find his clone on the recruiting scene this fall.

It appears he found his choice in Brewer High School defensive tackle Justin Collins, who is listed at 6-feet-2 and 250 pounds.

"Coach (Ron) Aiken was at my house on Monday night, and he told me that I reminded him a lot of Jonathan Babineaux," said Collins. "As soon as I got my SAT scores back a couple weeks ago, Coach Aiken offered me on the spot. It was on a Friday, I remember, and I can tell you that I was pretty excited."

Aiken first caught wind of Collins' abilities when viewing a spring practice.

"Coach Aiken came to the school to see a wide receiver of ours, like many others had been doing, and I made sure to tell him to take a strong look at Justin," said Brewer head coach Wayne Coleman. "We had Justin playing middle linebacker as an experiment at that time, but I told Coach Aiken he played defensive tackle last fall, and that was where he'd be playing this season. Coach Aiken said if he is able to move that well with two feet then he knew had himself quite a football player if he was playing down."

Iowa has shown in the past the fact they like to recruit big linebackers only to turn them into athletic defensive ends.

"Coach Aiken said they don't get too caught up in size. Justin is very lean, and has very little body fat at 250. In fact, before the season, when I had him put on an under armour shirt, which was an XL, he told me it was too small. It was tight around his shoulders, but he has such a tiny waist and butt. Coach Aiken told me he feels he can put 30 or more pounds on him easily. Justin runs a 4.7 right now so you look at the added weight, and I think you have yourself a pretty athletic defensive tackle," stated Coleman.

Not to mention, Collins also has amazing strength as he regularly competes in power lifting down in Texas. Collins claimed a squat of 610 pounds, and a bench max of 395 pounds.

Also sporting a 2.96 GPA and 920 on the SAT, Collins has a few good things going his way. He has not spent much time worrying about the lack of offers from some other big time programs.

"Really, I have stayed humble this entire time because honestly I never saw myself even in this position," added Collins, who also holds an offer from Tulane. "I have never gotten full of myself as I know there is plenty more for me to accomplish."

Collins isn't sure to this point if he will be able to accomplish those feats at Iowa, but he likes what he hears from Coach Aiken.

"Coach Aiken told me to come up there this weekend with an open mind, and not to worry about the negative things said to me like it's too far away or that it is too cold. He said it is a good place to live, and they have a good program with good academics. He showed me their graduation rate, and basically just showed me that I'm a person he wants on his defensive line," said Collins.

Collins will be hosted this weekend by Texas native Kenny Iwebema, Jr., but he warns that a commitment this weekend is not very likely.

"I want to take my official visit to Tulane to check out the atmosphere there, as well, as the campus. All of my family lives in New Orleans, and we drove down there for their game against Louisville. I'm going to go the place where I feel most comfortable," stated Collins.

Collins recorded 60 tackles (six solo) and eight sacks on the year.

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