Kuempel Enjoys Spending Time with Future Teammates

Andy Kuempel was able to visit Iowa this weekend without a care in the world. Kuempel committed to the Hawks back in October, so he was more or less coming down to Iowa City to meet some of his future teammates and spend more time around the football program he has wanted to be a part of for his entire life. Kuempel talked to us about his visit, about the time that some of the other recruits had in Iowa City as well as his thoughts on Iowa's Big Ten Championship.

Andy Kuempel was in Iowa City this weekend for the first half of the biggest recruiting weekend in the Kirk Ferentz era.

Kuempel committed to Iowa last month, so he was totally enjoyed himself and he also had time to talk with his future teammates.

"It was a great time. It reaffirmed why I am going there." Kuempel said. "When Coach (Kirk Ferentz) got that ovation from the crowd at the basketball game, that was neat. But you know that he is such a humble guy, and he probably felt bad about taking attention away from the basketball team."

"There was a huge group of guys in this weekend, but when you break it down, a bunch of them were already committed. It was great to meet all of the guys you are getting to play with for the next five years."

Kuempel sensed that the uncommitted visitors had a great time and were "really enjoying themselves at the basketball game."

"A lot of them were really getting into the game, and that was neat to see. It's easy for the Iowa kids to get into it, and the kids who are already committed. But it was nice to see the other kids get into it, too. I think that a lot of those guys are getting close to making their decisions."

Kuempel said that he had to educate some of the visitors on why things were so aggressive and hard-fought on the hard court.

"I had to explain the Haluska situation to all of them, that he was at Iowa State a couple of years ago." Kuempel said.

Andy did not get to attend the football awards banquet on Saturday night, as he had a basketball game.

But he did talk about getting the chance to be at the Iowa-Wisconsin football game and watching his future teammates clinch a share of the Big Ten title.

"Oh man. I was going expecting to cheer them on for a close game, but then they blew them out, so it was almost anticlimactic." Kuempel said.

"It's crazy from where they (the Iowa program) were in Coach's first year here and how quickly he turned this into a team that, with this class coming in, you could argue this will be a Top 25 class, you can almost see a national championship type of team forming with our coach."

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