Doering Takes Long Awaited Visit to Iowa

<P>Dan Doering, rated by as the 34th best player in America regardless of position, was in Iowa City this weekend for his long awaited official visit. Doering was seen having a great time by thousands of Iowa fans inside Carver Hawkeye on Friday night as he and his fellow recruits were front and center for Iowa's basketball game. How did the rest of the visit go, and when does Doering intend to announce his final decision? has all of the answers.

Dan Doering has narrowed his list of schools down to three; Iowa, Tennessee and Oklahoma, and he will be announcing his decision in mid-January on national television at the US Army All American game.

"He will be making his announcement at the US Army All American game. We made a promise to do that, and we will be true to that," said Rick Doering, Dan's father.

As mentioned in the lede to this story, Doering was courtside for Iowa's basketball game against Iowa State on Saturday and though he has made more than 10 visits to Iowa City, this weekend was certainly not the same old, same old.

"It was the total package. I was able to hang out with the players and meet more guys. I had a great time," Dan said.

Doering was aware of the fans chanting his name at the game as well as them giving Kirk Ferentz a standing ovation when he walked into the arena.

"That was pretty cool. It was very exciting. The fans at Iowa really love the football team, the players and they support what Coach Ferentz is trying to do." Doering said.

"The game was great, too. I got to hang out with Rafael Eubanks and Andy Kuempel, so that was a great experience."

Doering said that it's always nice to be around players his own age on visits like this.

"It's nice to talk to kids that are going through the same things, you share your views and your opinions and you learn things from one another. It's nice having someone your age to do that with."

Doering was also able to attend Iowa's Annual Football Awards banquet on Saturday night.

"That was really special. The senior class has helped the program a lot, and they are coming off of the Big Ten Championship. It was great hearing everyone talk there, and you can tell that Iowa is just one big family."

Then on Sunday, it was off to Kirk Ferentz's house for breakfast, and more.

"This morning we went over there, had breakfast and I met with him as well as Coach Morgan." Doering said.

I have never asked this question before, but fans have been curious: Does Kirk's wife Mary serve up flapjacks, or is the food brought in?

"They have the food brought in. That would be a lot of cooking, otherwise." Doering said with a laugh.

Even though Doering has been to Iowa numerous times and knowing that his sister attends the University, Dan said this was a great weekend standing on it's own.

With this visit, I was able to just get closer to the guys, closer with the coaches and experience for one weekend what it is like to be a football player at Iowa and the opportunities that presents and to get a taste of being a part of their program." Dan said.

He added that he is done taking official visits, and that he will have one consistent message for reporters who will call him between now and January 15th, the date of the US Army All American Bowl, also co-sponsored by

"Right now, I have Tennessee, Oklahoma and Iowa, and I will take them through to the All American game and announce my decision. If people want to call, that is what I am going to tell them, because that is where I am today and where I will be until that game."

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