Dace Richardson Impressed with Iowa

<P>The Iowa Hawkeyes hosted three of the nation's premier offensive lineman this weekend, including Scout.com US Army All-American selection Dace Richardson.

"I would rate the visit a 10 out of 10," Dace Richardson said. "Their basketball game against Iowa State was just wild. When Coach (Kirk) Ferentz walked out onto the court, everyone gave him a standing ovation, including the Iowa State fans. I've gotten to know a lot of their recruits through the recruiting process, and I felt real comfortable there."

Richardson was hosted by Hawkeye offensive lineman David Walker. Although he enjoyed his time spent with the recruits and players, it was Coach Ferentz that ultimately stood out to him.

"He is just such a classy guy," continued Richardson. "He really made sure to associate himself with the right coaches, who help put together the recruiting classes needed, in making them an elite program. It seems he has everything falling in place at Iowa right now were they are going to be a contender each and every year."

Richardson did not make a commitment, though, and still plans to announce at halftime of the Scout.com US Army All-American game.

"I'm heading out to California for vacation next weekend, and I'll make sure to swing by USC for an unofficial visit. I'm going to spend my time there just thinking things over, as I do not want to rush into a decision. When I return, I'll probably have a pretty good idea of my decision, but I still plan to wait until halftime to announce it."

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