Buy, Sell or Hold; Hawk Stock Recommendations

Has the recently concluded and incredibly important official visit weekend for Iowa football recruits left your head spinning? Don't fret, as Publisher Jon Miller provides some tips and pointers to help steady your step. Though not a trained financial analyst or stock broker, Miller can provide you with hints and tips in a Hawkeye sort of way, and he attempts to do just that with the year's first 'Hawk Stock' recommendations.

Having just concluded one of the most important recruiting weekends in Iowa football history, it's time for a quick rundown and reassessment of Iowa's recruiting efforts to date.

Before this weekend began, Iowa had 12 known verbal commitments for the class of 2005. CLICK HERE to see the list of the recruits.

Several weeks back, Kirk Ferentz said that Iowa would probably sign "at least 20" prospects in this class, and the number that I have heard thrown around quite a big is 22.

Let's assume that 22 is the number. That left Iowa with 10 more slots to fill for this year.

Here is a look my feeling on how the rest of the class might play out, in a ‘Hawk Stock' sort of way.


STRONG BUY: This means load up on as much hypothetical stock as you can. We are talking Internet IPO, circa 1999.

BUY: While we are not talking the layup long-term investment of a Microsoft, we are talking Google IPO.
HOLD: This means don't buy or sell, in that we are uncertain.
SELL!: Dump it! Dump it! Dump it faster than Martha Stewart dumped…ahh, you get the idea.


DAN DOERING: He visited this weekend, and as you can read here from our Sunday interview with Dan, he really enjoyed his visit, which is either his 10th or 11th to Iowa. Quite frankly, I have lost track.

Dan's sister attends Iowa and Dan has always been very high on Iowa with his comments over the past 10 months that I have been speaking with both he and his family.

Dan and his father made it clear that they will not announce their decision until January 15th and the US Army All American Bowl, also sponsored by, our parent network.


RAFAEL EUBANKS: ESPN's Tom Lemming reported on Sunday that this US Army All American had committed to Iowa.

Eubanks is the center prospect that the Hawks have been looking for over the last several years. Last year's center target for Iowa was Jeff Byers. Byers is starting for #1 ranked USC this year.

JON'S HAWK STOCK RECOMMENDATION: STRONG BUY! But it may be too late to get in on the ground floor of that investment, as Lemming has this one right.

DACE RICHARDSON: This US Army All American (are you picking up any themes, here?) was in Iowa City this weekend, and as he told our own Josh Clark in this update, his visit to Iowa was a resounding success.

Though not quite the tech IPO that we feel Doering is, Richardson is still a very sound investment for your Hawkeye Recruiting Portfolio.


TONY MOEAKI: Pronounced MOW-EE-ACK-EE, Tony is one of the premier tight ends in the nation. He was in Iowa City this weekend, though he missed Friday night's Iowa-ISU game due to high school basketball obligations, as Jason Miller reported in the HN Clubhouse on Saturday.

The Hawks have been unable to land that cornerstone tight end in recent classes, and they feel that Moeaki is among the best prospects at the position they have seen in a long time.

At 6-feet-4, 235 pounds, Tony is as big as Dallas Clark was to start his third year in Iowa City, back in 2000. He is also just as fast as Clark was at that time, too. That is before any Doyleization taking place that could turn Moeaki into one of the more freakish tight ends in the college game.

Moeaki has been extremely hard to read during the recruiting process, which tempers our optimism to a degree.

JON'S HAWK STOCK RECOMMENDATION: BUY, with more of a lean to STRONG BUY than to HOLD. But the BYU factor is certainly in play.

ELIJAH HODGE: One of's Top 100 players in the south, as well as being a four-star recruit and one of the 20 best linebackers in the country, the younger brother to Abdul was in town this past weekend.

Throughout the recruiting process, Elijah has also been somewhat difficult to read, and I have gotten the feeling that he is clearly his own man and was not the layup for Iowa that some people believed, due to his family ties.

But unless he is blown away on his upcoming trip to Madison, Wis, it is our belief that there will be two Hodge's in Iowa City next fall.


FREDDIE LENIX: Another outstanding linebacker, Glennville, Ohio's Lenix was in Iowa City this weekend. You can read about his trip by clicking here.

I felt very good about Iowa's chances with Lenix until he was recently offered by Ohio State. He is set to visit the Buckeyes in the very near future, and most of the people I speak with feel that the Buckeyes are his leader, though Lenix still rates Iowa right up at the top of his list.

JON'S HAWK STOCK RECOMMENDATION: HOLD, but with more of a lean to SELL than to BUY.

STEVE OCTAVIEN: One of the best Juco linebackers in the nation, Octavien visited Iowa City this weekend, as well. CLICK HERE to read our update and visit with Octavien regarding his visit to Iowa.

He is set to announce his decision TODAY, and the three schools vying for his services are Iowa, Nebraska and North Carolina. He has three years to play two, which makes him very attractive to Iowa, as they will need to find replacements for Hodge and Chad Greenway after next season.

JON'S HAWK STOCK RECOMMENDATION: HOLD, but with more of a lean to SELL than to BUY. We just feel that there was too much distance to make up on the Huskers, a team that he has been involved with for quite some time.

ROBERTO DAVIS: A new name on the Iowa recruiting scene last week, Davis told us yesterday in this Hot News Update that Iowa told him they do not have any available scholarships for offensive linemen.

Now there is a thing that makes you go, hmmmm?

Be sure to read his update, and then you can be your own Sherlock Holmes with regards to implications on this recruiting class at that position.

JON'S HAWK STOCK RECOMMENDATION: SELL. This one appears to be a numbers game. That is too bad for the kid, who really wants to be a Hawkeye. But that only means that Iowa has made contact on more swings this year than they have missed on at that position. And woe unto the Big Ten when Ferentz & Company start doing that on the offensive line.

JUSTIN COLLINS: Another new name to Iowa fans last week was that of Justin Collins. Collins spoke with us on Sunday, and you can HERE.

He still intends to visit Tulane before making up his mind, as he has family in New Orleans. If you want to get better acquainted with Collins, read our update from last week

JON'S HAWK STOCK RECOMMENDATION: HOLD. I probably lean closer to a BUY than I do a SELL.

While Iowa had 15 or 16 visitors in town this past weekend, the upcoming weekend, at least for the moment, has more uncommitted visitors on tap. CLICK HERE to see who is schedule to make it to Iowa City.

We'll be back next week with more recommendations for your Hawkeye Recruiting Portfolio, including our prognostications on uncommitted players who have visited Iowa weeks ago.

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