Rackley Has Busy Week Ahead

One of the latest targets to hit the Hawkeye radar screen has been DE Brian Rackley. However, he also become one of the most popular with other progarms due to his recent surge in the recruiting rankings. With visits already made to UNC and UCF, Brian will leave this Friday for Syracuse. However, after he returns on Sunday, he will pack up to leave again. This time to Iowa City for our beloved Hawkeyes. Find out his thoughts on his upcoming decision.....

While the past three recruiting seasons Iowa has hit the Fort Lauderdale and Plantation High Schools very hard, this year they have put more attention on prospects in the Tallahassee and Palm Beach area. One of the best they have come across is 6'5 235 DE Brian Rackley from Tallahassee Chiles High School. Brian has long favored North Carolina and nothing changed after last weekend's visit.

"The visit went real well," Brian stated. "Everything was real nice, but I just want to check out all my options. They got one DE to commit and I was getting pressured a bit, but I was not ready to commit yet."

That could play in large favor of the Hawks as everyone has heard that a visit to Iowa City out ranks many other schools. So what will it take from his visit to Iowa City to put them in the lead?

"I really just want to feel comfortable with my surroundings. I like a school with a lot of football tradition and I want to know how the school has done in producing NFL talent at my position. I plan to major in business so a good business school is important, too."

The loss of Bret Bielema caused many Hawk fans to fear that Iowa would lose a portion of its recruiting in Florida. However, it is the whole staff that will sell a prospect, and Coach (Phil) Parker has been the main contact for Brian.

"I like him. He is a nice guy that I can always talk to. He knows what he is talking about, also. He told me Iowa City is a football town where the only thing that matters is the Hawkeyes."

The next seven days will be very crucial in Brian's future. Will Syracuse or Iowa be able to overcome North Carolina's lead? Iowa definitely is looking for a very athletic DE in this class and Brian Rackley fits the bill.

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