Cap One Quote Book: Ferentz, Roth, Tate & Lewis

Kirk Ferentz, Drew Tate, George Lewis and Matt Roth talk about being in Orlando and getting ready for LSU in this quote book from Florica Citrus Sports


On Sunday's Cool Weather

"No big deal, felt like just another spring practice for us."

On getting his team ready

"We're enjoying Orlando right now and that is what the early part of this week is for. But for the most part, our guys are coming to the practice field ready to go. We want our players to enjoy Orlando, but as we get closer to midweek, hopefully our guys will spend more time in the hotel and getting ready for the game. It comes down to maturity."

On Playing LSU

"It's going to be more than tough…real tough. LSU is an excellent football team, very talented and well coached. They came on strong the last six ballgames and we're going to have our hands full."


On Sunday's Cool Weather "Little disappointed but I guess it's supposed to warm up tomorrow."

On Playing LSU and a possible Big Ten - SEC Rivalry "I haven't really thought about who we are playing too much in terms of a rivalry. We are more concerned about playing the best we can play."

On The LSU Coaching Situation

"I think it will have a positive effect for LSU. It will be his last game with his team, so I think his players will want to come out and play hard and win for him. As far as how it will affect us, I don't really see it as an issue. We are just worried about going out and getting our job done in practice and getting ready for the game and it really doesn't matter who is coaching their team."


On the Fort Lauderdale native's efforts to get game tickets for family and friends

"I've managed to get about 21 together from myself and teammates. I really need to find some more. I didn't think it would be that tough, but my guys aren't coming through like I thought they would."

On what practice has been like so far

"We're basically going through fundamentals. Making sure everything is still sweet…working on conditioning. We want to stay in stride and make sure we don't get lazy."

On being a Floridian playing in Iowa

"Iowa is a great place to play. Being from Florida, all you hear back home is about Miami and the Florida Gators. It's kind of funny, but when I told my friends at home I was going to play for Iowa they said "What's that the potato state?" and I said…no…no…that's Idaho…but it doesn't matter, I just enjoy playing there."


On LSU Running Game…

"It's good, it's real good. They've got great running backs and you better gang tackle or they are going to break loose for a lot of yards. They got a good offensive line. We can handle them but it is going to be a great challenge. Our main concern is not to let them dominate on the ground. We need to hold their backs in check and keep the quarterback from scrambling around."

On the weather…

"It's a little cold down here, but it's supposed to get warmer tomorrow. Hope it does, I'm going to hit "Wet and Wild" tomorrow afternoon."

On Playing LSU…

"I think we feel confident no matter who we play…we feel we have a chance to win."

On your last game as a Hawkeye…

"It's crossed my mind. I want to go out with a bang. It's going to be a lot of fun. We have a lot of fans coming down."

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