Tate Talks LSU, 2004 Season

Q & A with Drew Tate from Bowl Week in Orlando

Drew Tate Q & A

Tate on Offensive Coordinator Ken O'Keefe

He's a competitive coach and there are things said whenever, but it's all in good times. We're trying to do things together. We're just trying to win. I think it's the guys around me. We're all playing for each other. We're all trying to put ourselves in a situation to win.

How did things change for this team, going from a run first team to a pass first team? Against Michigan in the Big Ten opener, you still tried to run the ball.

We tried to run it in the beginning against those guys, but it wasn't working out. We were just trying to do the best we can win with what we have.

What are your thoughts on the LSU secondary?

They are probably the best we have seen. They probably have the most speed that we've seen. They have a lot of guys who've played. They use a lot of guys in zone downs; they use a lot of guys in nickel. They'll take out two linebackers and bring in two DB's. They mix it around pretty good. There have athletes running around.

Do you feel they blitz more than other teams you have faced this year?

I think we've seen a lot of stuff this year, probably as much as you can throw at somebody. They do a different type when they come after the quarterback. We were practicing against it yesterday and watching film on it. We've got a game plan to go in there and try to beat it; we've just got to execute.

Is it more mental than physical?

It just comes down to preparation and executing.

Do you pay special attention to where Marcus Spears is at?

Our line will do the best they can with him, but the other three guys are good, too. The receivers have to do a good job getting open early. I've got to get the ball off, because I'm not going to have a lot of time, I don't think.

You went from your dad being your coach, to Ken O'Keefe. Can you compare the two?

It's a little different. I don't know.

He's (O'Keefe) a coach and that's about it. That's what he's there for. He's our coach. He has faith in me just like he has faith in everyone else. He wants to get in there and get the job done.

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