Babineaux Sticks Up for Herky

The Capital One Bowl festivities in Orlando include the naming of the college football mascot of the year. You've all seen the commercials touting the Georgia Bulldog and Miami Duck, but conspicuously absent is Herky the Hawkeye. Well, Iowa Sr DE Jonathan Babineaux promoted his team's rep during a meeting with the media on Thursday. Read what he had to say in this Premium Q&A Package.

Jonathan Babineaux

Are the bowl week preparations similar to last year in the fact that the team is attempting to not be fatigued?

We just going into the game like we are in pre-season camp mode. We need to stay hydrated and we are running. When we get warmed up, we have to practice the way we want to play on Saturday.

With the long layoff, is the excitement for game day stronger than normal as you get closer to kickoff?

It has been a while. I wish the wait for a bowl game wasn't this long. The key is to get ready and push to get better. The team that does more in the off time before the bowl game will win the game.

Have you taken a peek inside the stadium yet?

I took a peek inside of it, it is kind of big. But I do not think it is bigger than Kinnick Stadium.

What does a walk through mean?

It is pretty much just going over the plays you want to run in the game. The coaches want us to kind of see things before or how they will happen. It gets us ready for the game. We come out, go in, walk, and then go back to the hotel.

What are your keys to victory for the Iowa Hawkeyes in this game?

To play as hard as I can and not let my guys down.

Are you surprised that an estimated 30,000 fans will be at the Hawkeye Huddle this evening?

From Iowa? It never surprises me as we have some of the best fans in the country. No matter where we go they will always be there to support us.

What do you think of Herky upstaging Mickey Mouse? (Herky walked by and gets a rousing ovation. Mickey walked by to no fanfare)

I think Herky is starting to take over in the mascot area. I think it is really his time to start to get some recognition. I have been watching all of these Capital One commercials and he has never been on there. Hopefully they will begin to put him on there.

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